Avoiding social media gold trade deals and how to find real gold

Avoiding social media gold trade deals and how to find real gold

Here we explain how to find real gold deals worldwide and how to avoid social media based gold trade deals which are mostly fake and fraudulent.

Real gold trade deals in bulk are mostly not sold over Internet lines.

Imagine a gold owner who has bought let us say 2 kilograms of gold and keeping that gold in the bank safe. That gold owner knows where he purchased gold and he or she also knows where to sell such gold. The first place to sell the gold is the same place where gold was purchased. If gold price raised during the period of gold keeping, gold owner will most gladly sell it to the same person who sold gold to him. Intention here is to gain some margin and some profit between the purchasing and sales price of gold. There will be absolutely no need to place an offer for gold sale on Internet. Neither there is any need to advertise gold sales when it is so easy to simply sell it to the place where gold was purchased. And in many cases that place can be the same bank where gold is held in the bank safe.

Imagine a gold mining company that produces 20 kilograms of gold every month, that is a lot of money. Do you really think that somebody with so much money does not know where to sell the produced gold? Chances that a gold mining company will place the already produced and ready gold on sales on social media are so low. They may have some official website to sell gold bars for promotion, but such a company will always know where to sell the gold.

Thus the real larger international gold deals cannot be expected to come from social media or public Internet channels such as public forums, LinkedIn, Fakebook, or other similar public channels.

This is because whoever is in real gold trade business they already know how to sell the gold.

If you are finding people on Internet and you think they are selling gold just because they placed some advertising, that will go into wrong direction 99% of times. Real gold is not sold through social media.

Mostly fake and fraudulent deals will be found on social media. They are also related to keywords such as CIF, FCO, SCO, POP, POF, documents, Certificates of Origin, security keeping certificates, etc.

All those terms are mostly NOT RELATED to real gold dealing.

When arranging international deals we need not deal with any papers before we see the gold. Papers are easy to arrange. That will be arranged on the place, on the ground, where gold is located.

Thus majority of those social media deals are considered more or less suspected frauds. When there are too many documents involved especially for gold from Africa before we even arrive to country, that is indication that deal is not real.

We have not ye found a real gold trading deal on social media.

Real gold trade deals are found by talking to people on ground, by knowing mining companies, by knowing investors in mining, bankers, government officers, by visiting gold trade center, and by conducting our service Start Your Own Gold Mine.

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