FCO or Full Corporate Offer Document is Made Up and Fraudulent Terminology

FCO or “Full Corporate Offer” is a Fraudulent Document

The abbreviation “FCO” when abbreviated from “Full Corporate Offer” is a fraudulent document. There is absolutely no serious business book or litterature that describes usage of a Full Corporate Offer.

My name is Jean Louis. You can see me below on the picture. This is back in time in 2012, when I was working with our gold refinery company in Slovenia, Europe. We were mostly purchasing and selling gold, rather than refining.

Jean Louis in the office

In the course of my gold trading experience I have never stumbled upon the “Full Corporate Offer”

As simple as that, “Full Corporate Offer” does not exist in the real world of gold trade. I was selling gold to various companies in Europe, including some of the below mentioned companies:

None of them requested me such a non-sense of a document named “Full Corporate Offer”.

In the whole course of real gold trade we have never been asked to provide a “Full Corporate Offer”. We work together gently and I was asked to visit the gold refineries, and gold buyers. I was asked to make a quotations, simple offers, but never with the terminology “FCO” or “Full Corporate Offer”.

Over the years from 2009 to 2016, we have got literally thousands of Internet offers for gold, for diamonds, by supposed buyers, supposed sellers, supposed mandates, brokers, intermediaries, and so many have asked or demanded to send the fraudulent kind of a document named “Full Corporate Offer”. In the real business there is no such thing.

I have approached maybe 30 various and different gold refineries in Europe, and none of them ever used in their life “Full Corporate Offer”. Here are some of companies I have been talking to, some of largest gold refineries:

What is the Full Corporate Offer?

Maybe some of companies in the past have used this term in the legal sense and have provided a full offer to some of their clients or suppliers.

But over the time, this has changed drastically.

The term Full Corporate Offer is used exclusively on Internet by wannabe buyers, sellers, brokers or intermediaries.

They simply think it is a seriou document.

But they miss the definition of the words:

Full means complete, entire, with all details. But yet, all the Full Corporate Offers in circulation on Internet are not complete, not entire, and lack important details.

How can that be a full corporate offer, if there is no name of the director, manager or the company?

How can it be possible to have “Full Corporate Offer” where the non-existent element Aurum Utallium or Aurum Utallum is being offered? This element does not exist in the periodic table of elements. Gold is aurum. There is no “Utallum” or “Utallium”. This terminology belongs to Internet gangs of wannabe buyers, sellers, broker or intermediaries.

Corporate relates to a corporation, company, entity or incorporated body protected be some of the jurisdictions or countries. But yet, such “Full Corporate Offers” often lack any information about any company. What in the world is then “corporate”?

Avoid using the fraudulent terminology

I am asking anyone who has good will and good intentions to understand that such a document named “FCO” or “Full Corporate Offer” does not exists and is not used in the real world of gold trade.

If you don’t agree, go your way. Do not contact us. I do not need your FCO or “Fraudulent Cheaters Offer” and I am never going to provide you with the “Full Corporate Offer”.

In fact, if you ask me for the FCO, you tell me you either lack substantial knowledge of the gold trade, as a beginner in the business or wannabe to make money, or you are member of the fraudulent gang, trying to deal with fake gold to me.

Refrain from the fraudulent terminology, as I am classifying you in the part of my database as “potentially suspicious”. I don’t take seriously people who use this kind of fraudulent terminology.

It is fraudulent because it is used by fraudsters, criminals. They send that kind of documents named “FCO” or “Fraudulent Corporate Offer” to their potential “buyers”. And those buyers are so often wannabe brokers pretending to be buyers, but they don’t know nothing about the gold.

It may hurt your feelings.

I don’t care.

It is better that this article hurts your feelings, than that it hurts your bank account.

As when the fraudulent gang has taken your money upfront for the gold deals, all based on the “Full Corporate Offer” - it will be too late for you to get this lesson.

If you are learning it now, before the worst happened, better for you.

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