"I have a gold buyer", alright, but where is the advantage?

“I have a gold buyer”, but where is the benefit?

“I have a gold buyer” - we hear this sentence so often by self-made intermediaries, but where is the advantage?

Have you asked yourself?

Have you ever asked yourself:

Gold is not in abundance that simple “having a gold buyer” represents an advantage. Having a gold buyer is not an advantage.

There is no benefit in “having a gold buyer” alone.

Gold is demanded and does not need marketing, it can be easily sold and in every gold mining country there are thousands of true and real buyers directly on the place.

Learn how to offer the advantages and benefits to gold sellers and how to really buy gold.


This picture is there to represent the self-made, wannabe intermediary who is sitting behind his TV, with the remote control in his hand, and from time to time is sending few emails and contacting our company or other companies, with the explanation how he or she “has a gold buyer”, and thus for this reason only, we shall pack the gold and send it to the gold buyer to foreign country, and hope for the money to be paid.

Gold trade business does not work like that!

“I have a gold buyer” is not a benefit neither advantage for gold seller

To “have a gold buyer” is not a benefit neither advantage for true gold sellers.

Just any company in the world that engages in true, real gold trade, is engaging in such trade for one reason, that they realized that market is full of gold buyers and that it is easy to sell gold.

Before gold trade is commenced, the true gold trading company speaks to the present and well known gold buyers and then engages in the gold trade.

Why in the world would you buy goods worth US $100,000 or US $10,000,000 and then “search for gold buyer”?

There is no logic behind that, and please don’t try to make it logical.

You are running into the wall by telling people around how you have the gold buyer.

It is not a benefit “to have a gold buyer”.

It is not an advantage “to have gold buyer”.

Thus simply “having a gold buyer” is never going to bring you gold.

Gold is well demanded in every gold producing country and it is so easy to sell it.

Why the approach “I have a gold buyer” is not working?

When company is in the business of gold trade or company is the gold mining company, we who are in business we already have our own gold buyers.

When approaching such a company, you have to imagine, visualize that such company already knows where to sell gold.

And you need to come up with a good reason, benefit or advantage, why such company would need to change the present buyer for your newly introduced gold buyer.

And that benefit or advantage has to be really smart, realistic and attractive.

Otherwise your “offer” where you say “I have a gold buyer” appears funny, childish and naive.


Especially, if you do not present your details, such as your name, address, country, name of company, name of the gold buyer, prices, terms and conditions that your gold buyer is offering, where is the gold buyer located and all other transparency and common sense information that has to be provided with any such business offer.

So, don’t make yourself appear silly.

We know the best gold buyers

The best gold buyers in the world are always gold refineries. We know who they are, as anybody who is in gold business knows that all the gold ends in the gold refinery, sooner or later

Our company is still registered in United Kingdom, even we do our business in Tanzania, in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, we sell gold ourselves inside of these countries and we connect gold deals in other countries to those buyers we know.

Yet in past, manager have been selling gold to the UK based Star Refining which at that time, somewhere back in 2010, have been paying the 97% of the world market price for gold.

Here are some other world’s best gold buying companies, gold and other precious metals refineries:

What is your anonymous buyer doing?

Now when you understand that we already know who are the world’s best gold buyers, you should know that your buyer is of no advantage or benefit to us, neither to any other real gold trading or gold producing company.

Is your buyer anonymous?

If your buyer does not have a company, he or she maybe the buyer, but is never to get any gold. True gold buyers who don’t have a company are trading on the world gold market, they buy and sell gold above or below the gold market price and are engaging directly in gold trade transactions.

In majority of countries, dealing with any physical gold without in commercial manner, without having a company is a forbidden activity.

In European Union and United States and many other countries, it is clear that private individuals are free to buy gold bullion, coins or gold bars.

Yet, even there, when such activity becomes of very commercial nature, with quick buy and sell transactions, it is required to open up a business or register a company.

Now, you come over and say here is my gold buyer, but the gold buyer does not even have a company? Come on, that is funny and not serious.

In the next step, you wish to say there is gold buyer, but you don’t want to disclose their identity?

That may be for two reasons, one reason is that you have never seen your gold buyer face to face, but you hope to get some commissions and you may be afraid that some of gold sellers is going to sell the gold by skipping your “help” and “assistance”.

If that is the case, you are acting naive, and you should revert to the attorney who is to explain you about the money laundering and terrorist prevention laws, and how you should have your business setup before engaging in such transactions.

Very probably you are already breaking plethora of the laws that relate to money laundering or terrorist financing prevention.

The second reason why you do not disclose the identity of the gold buyer may be because it is not a gold buyer, but yet another intermediary, and you are the intermediary for gold intermediary.

So, what is your gold buyer doing?

Maybe your buyer thinks “smart” and have obtained an account with one of those gold refineries above mentioned, has no serious capital and no company for buying gold, and is driving you to be the intermediary for him, to bring some gold onto his “gold refinery account”. Terms? Payment after assaying and smelting.

Don’t be naive.

The list of gold buyers

So, let us summarize the hierarchical list of types of gold buyers and see where you are on this list.

  1. First you have the best world gold buyers, those are the gold refineries with good names and reputation, with their physical locations, addresses and full transparent information. They pay prices such as 100% - 99% of the gold world market prices. Some refineries pay 97 - 98% of the gold world market prices. The gold is brought to them on trust and paid few days later after assaying and smelting. They always pay by using bank account and rarely in cash.

  2. Then you have genuine private gold buyers who buy and sell gold on world markets, hold such gold either with third party companies, or in their own bank safes. This type of gold buyers is never engaging in some physical transactions over email to buy gold, they are working with their own brokerage company or the bank. This type of gold buyers is something buying gold physically, and often not physically. Some of them never touch the gold with their hands. They deal with the gold by using the world gold market price. They pay for gold before they get it and they always use wire transfers or gold brokerage accounts.

  3. Then we have those gold buyers who are serious companies, buying true and physical gold, and bringing it back to refineries or better buyers than they are. This type of companies is transparent, they wish that their details are well known so that new clients may bring them the actual gold. This type of buyers is not acting on the ground, they engage in larger transactions. They offer good prices yet always few percents below the price that the gold refinery is to pay to them. They pay for gold, they get the gold in possession and bring it physically to gold refineries. Some of these companies are paying premium prices and represent better buyers than gold refineries.

  4. Then there is a plethora of gold dealers, and gold brokers, who buy gold on the ground, bring it to dealers, and dealers sooner or later send the gold to gold refineries. Those are most common gold buyers, and easily found just in every country. These buyers handle the small transactions and engage in physical trade of gold directly with gold producers or with any individuals or companies selling gold to them. In this group there are also gold for cash shops and any kind of common street based gold buyers. Some brokers may offer low prices, dealers are paying always little better, yet they are all under the level of what a gold refinery would pay for gold. All the gold brokers and dealers pay for gold in cash on the spot. Rarely by using bank account.

  5. And then we have those imaginative gold buyers, who open up the account with the gold refinery and think, somebody is to trust them and send gold, so that they can earn some free money. This type of people is totally detached from reality. They sit in their armchair use the computer, and read plethora of fake Internet offers. They are disillusioned people. Usually, they have never touched the real gold and do not even know the basic characteristics of that metal. They live in the illusion that they can obtain the gold with large discount, and they just need to convince people that gold is to be brought to their refinery’s account. They act irresponsibly and sometime are going to loose their money when engaging in the physical gold trade, as this type of “gold buyers” are wannabes in the gold business, the clowns of the gold trade. They may loose sums of money by believing to the fake sellers, and may destroy families and future of many decent people they involve in their funny business. They would pay for gold by wire transfer, but hey, who believes them? They are often called Master Joker Brokers. They speak of discounts and wish to buy gold cheap.

  6. And then we have the wannabe self-made intermediaries, who are acting by the order and direction of those imaginative gold buyers. This group of people is not even so smart to recognize that their “gold buyers” are of no special benefit or advantage, and they think that by “having gold buyer” they have discovered a business secret that is to generate wealth for them. They also live in the imaginative virtual world of the gold market, the Internet. They never touch the physical gold, never visit the mining sites, yet believe that so many mining sites are producing thousands of kilograms of gold per month, and that miners do not know where to sell gold, so that is why they are supplying the market with gold buyers. For them, gold is potato, it is cheap, and miners are stupid and do not know where to sell gold. All what is required is that they introduce their “gold buyers” to earn some money. The terms are usually to bring the gold to the “gold buyer” and to hope for money to be paid. Gold buyer is not transparent, the details are held pretty confidential. They are called Joker Brokers and sometimes Master Joker Brokers. They speak of discounts and hope to receive 5-10% in commission. Their mind is totally out of the world of the physical gold market trade.

So where in which group of those are you?

Are you the naive, wannabe, self-made intermediary on the imaginative and virtual gold market that runs only on Internet?

If you have not presented your gold buyers address, details, phone, terms and conditions, website, the physical location, there are great chances that you are in the group of wannabe, self-made gold trade intermediaries who simply do not know nothing better.

Come on, get little smarter, and get that refinery account yourself!

At least that way, you will show that you have researched the market, and you don’t need to be the intermediary any more, you can become yet another apparent, even not the real, gold buyer.

Engage the other people to be your own intermediaries. Make them believe so, and let that gold come onto your refinery’s account.

Once you get the money, you will pay your gold supplier.

Smart idea?

It is the irony of your business.

But then we will still think you are smarter than the simple plain wannabe self-made gold intermediary. The one who has never see their gold buyer face to face.

Who are gold buyers for us?

We do not consider people in the group of imaginative refinery account based gold buyers to be the true gold buyers. They are joker brokers, and they don’t know the reality of gold trade.

Further, we have no special image for gold intermediaries approaching us with the sentence “I have a gold buyer”. This has never brought anything good in past.

Gold was sold to gold refineries. They present themselves clearly, transparently, they have physical locations which are disclosed and in existence. We have visited gold refineries physically before the sale of the gold, and we have been selling gold to gold refineries.

We would simply never sell the gold to the imaginative gold buyers or act, do any action, by those wannabe, self-made gold trade intermediaries who are so easy to recognize by their childish and naive business presentation.

What is the true benefit or advantage that your gold buyer has to offer?

Now back to the real business. After reading this article, you as being naive and self-made, wannabe gold trade intermediary, if you don’t cry now and and don’t get the feelings of hate, you may open up your eyes and realize that you are doing your business in vain.

At least you should realize that you are doing it wrong, and that real business cannot be done by the method and manner how you are doing it.

Maybe you start believing the irony above, and actually open up your gold refinery account. That would be said action, yet it would be smarter position than the position of somebody who listens to fake gold buyers.

Now, what is the true benefit or advantage that your gold buyer may offer to receive the gold?

  1. Number one advantage of any gold buyer is the buying price. If you have the gold buyer who pays 10% premium gold price or 20% premium gold price, that is the benefit or advantage. As otherwise, we all have those normal classic gold buyers paying the gold price or little under the gold price. The only reason to switch from one gold buyer to other gold buyer is the gold buying price. So do you have a better gold buying price?

    Don’t even speak of “discounts”. If you don’t have a premium price, you simply do not have a gold buyer that is giving a benefit or advantage to any true gold trader or gold producing company.

    Remember, we all have and know our gold buyers. If there is no benefit in switching the gold buyer, there will be no deal. As simple as that.

  2. Another thinkable benefit that gold buyer may offer in order to get the gold may be financing, special contract or Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract, becoming a shareholder, partner, or by any means the investor into the gold trade or gold mining company. Only by doing so, the gold mining company or gold trading company receives some benefits and may become obligated to sell gold with discounts to such gold buyers.

Does your buyer offer any benefits to the gold seller?

Think about it, and stop acting not professionally.


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