"I have a gold buyer", alright, but where is the advantage?

“I have a gold buyer”, but where is the buyer’s benefit?

“I have a gold buyer.”

This phrase is commonly heard from self-proclaimed intermediaries, but simply having a gold buyer is no longer enough to provide a significant advantage in the market.

“Why should I choose your gold buying service?” - This is a question we often come across when it comes to gold buyers. Many self-proclaimed intermediaries claim to have a gold buyer, but where is the true advantage in choosing them?

Have you asked yourself?

Have you ever questioned:

Gold is not a commodity that is readily available in abundance, making the mere presence of a gold buyer insufficient to claim an advantage. Having a gold buyer alone does not provide any benefits.

Gold is constantly in demand and doesn’t require additional marketing efforts, as it can be easily sold, and every gold mining country has numerous authentic and legitimate buyers already present.

Learn how to effectively communicate the advantages and benefits you offer to gold sellers and how to genuinely engage in the gold buying process.


This image portrays an individual who considers themselves a self-made, aspiring intermediary. They are depicted sitting behind a television, holding a remote control, and occasionally sending a few emails to our company or others. They claim to have a gold buyer and suggest that we should simply package the gold and send it to this buyer in a foreign country with the hope of receiving payment.

However, it’s crucial to understand that the gold trade business does not operate in such a simplistic manner.

“I have a gold buyer” is not a benefit neither advantage for gold seller

Having a gold buyer is neither a benefit nor an advantage for true gold sellers.

Any reputable company engaged in genuine gold trade understands that the market is saturated with gold buyers, making it relatively easy to sell gold. Before initiating any gold trade, a trustworthy gold trading company would already have established connections with well-known gold buyers.

Why would anyone in their right mind purchase goods worth US $100,000 or US $10,000,000 and then start to “search for a gold buyer”? There is no logical reasoning behind such an approach, and it is futile to attempt to justify it.

Promoting the fact that you have a gold buyer is an ineffective strategy. It does not provide any benefit in itself. Simply “having a gold buyer” will not magically bring you gold.

Gold is in high demand in every gold-producing country, and selling it is remarkably straightforward.

Why the Approach of “I Have a Gold Buyer” Falls Short

In the gold trade industry or within a gold mining company, we already have established our own reliable gold buyers. When approaching such organizations, it is important to recognize that they have existing channels to sell their gold.

To capture their attention and consideration, you must provide a compelling reason, benefit, or advantage that would motivate them to switch from their current buyer to the one you are introducing. This reason must be intelligent, practical, and appealing.

Without a strong and realistic benefit or advantage, your offer of having a gold buyer comes across as amusingly naive and immature. It lacks the necessary substance to be taken seriously in the competitive world of gold trade.


It is crucially important to provide essential details such as your name, address, country, company name, gold buyer’s name, prices, terms and conditions, location of the gold buyer, and other transparent and common-sense information when presenting a business offer of this nature.

Failing to provide these fundamental details would only make you appear foolish and undermine the credibility and seriousness of your offer.

The Gold Refineries: The Ultimate Buyers

Gold refineries are the ultimate buyers in the gold industry. All the gold eventually makes its way to a refinery, and we have the inside scoop on who they are. Our company is registered in the United Kingdom, but we operate in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. We directly sell gold within these countries and facilitate deals with trusted buyers in other locations.

In the past, our manager used to sell gold to Star Refining, a UK-based company that paid 97% of the world market price for gold back in 2010. Apart from Star Refining, here are some other reputable gold and precious metals refineries in the world:

These refineries are known for their credibility and fair prices.

Conditions for Genuine Gold Deals

If you have a potential gold buyer, we are open to providing gold deals. However, we have a few conditions to ensure the genuineness of your business:

  1. Proof of Business: We will require proof that your business is legitimate and operating within the gold industry.

  2. KYC Compliance: We adhere to Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. You will need to provide the necessary identification documents and undergo a verification process.

  3. Due Diligence: We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your business to ensure transparency and compliance with ethical and legal standards.

  4. Mutual Trust: Trust is crucial in any business dealing. We expect open communication and a commitment to maintaining a trustworthy partnership.

  5. Clear Benefit: It is essential that the benefits and terms of the gold deal are explicitly stated and agreed upon by all parties involved. This includes pricing, payment terms, and any additional provisions.

We aim to establish a fair and transparent partnership, where all parties understand and agree to the benefits they will receive from the gold deals.

By meeting these conditions, we can proceed with providing gold deals and exploring potential opportunities together.

The Role of Your Anonymous Gold Buyer

Now that we have established the importance of genuine gold buyers, it is crucial to understand that an anonymous buyer offers no advantage or benefit to us or any legitimate gold trading or producing company.

Is Your Buyer Anonymous?

If your buyer does not operate under a registered company, they may be considered a buyer in name only, with no actual intention of purchasing gold. Genuine gold buyers, who engage in direct gold trade transactions on the world gold market, operate with a formal business entity and buy and sell gold based on market prices.

In most countries, engaging in physical gold transactions without a commercial entity is prohibited. While private individuals in the European Union, United States, and many other countries are free to buy gold bullion, coins, or bars, conducting extensive and frequent buy-sell transactions requires the establishment of a business or company.

So, when you introduce a gold buyer without a company, it raises concerns about the seriousness and legitimacy of the transaction.

But what if you don’t want to disclose your gold buyer’s identity?

There could be two reasons for this. Firstly, you may have never met your gold buyer face-to-face, and you hope to earn commissions. However, you fear that some gold sellers might bypass your assistance. In such a case, it is important to consult with an attorney who can explain the laws regarding money laundering and terrorist financing prevention. It is likely that you are already unknowingly violating several of these laws.

Secondly, the reason for not disclosing the gold buyer’s identity could be that the supposed buyer is not a genuine purchaser, but another intermediary. In this scenario, you might be acting as an intermediary for an intermediary in the gold trade.

So, what exactly is your gold buyer doing?

It is possible that your buyer has cleverly obtained an account with one of the reputable gold refineries mentioned earlier. However, they lack the necessary capital and a legitimate company for buying gold. Instead, they are driving you to act as their intermediary, bringing gold to their “gold refinery account” with payment to be made after the gold has been assayed and smelted.

In such situations, it is crucial not to be naive and to fully understand the risks involved.

The Hierarchy of Gold Buyers

Here is a summary of the different types of gold buyers. Determine where you fit in this hierarchy:

  1. World Gold Refineries: These refineries have excellent reputations and provide transparent information. They pay close to the gold market prices, usually between 97% - 100%. Payments are made through bank accounts. Cash payments are rare.

  2. Private Gold Buyers: These buyers operate in the world market and hold gold with third-party companies or in their own bank safes. They prefer not to conduct physical transactions over email and work with brokerage companies or banks. Payments are made before receiving the gold through wire transfers or gold brokerage accounts.

  3. Serious Gold Companies: These companies purchase physical gold and deliver it to refineries or higher-level buyers. They offer good prices, slightly below what a gold refinery would pay. Payments are made before taking possession of the gold and are usually a few percentages below the market rate.

  4. Gold Dealers and Brokers: These are common gold buyers found in every country. They handle small transactions and engage in physical trades directly with gold producers or individuals selling gold. Some dealers offer low prices, but they generally pay better than brokers. Payments are made in cash on the spot.

  5. Imaginative Gold Buyers: These individuals open accounts with gold refineries and attempt to convince others to send them gold. They often believe they can obtain gold at a discounted price. However, they lack experience and may lose money when engaging in physical gold trade. They are often called Master Joker Brokers.

  6. Wannabe Intermediaries: This group operates under the direction of imaginative gold buyers. They believe they have discovered a business secret and can generate wealth by connecting gold buyers and suppliers. They rarely have direct contact with physical gold and live in a virtual world. They are often called Joker Brokers or Master Joker Brokers.

Consider which group you belong to by evaluating your approach and level of transparency.

If you haven’t provided essential information such as your address, contact details, terms, and conditions on your website, you may be perceived as a wannabe intermediary.

Consider establishing a direct relationship with a gold refinery to demonstrate your market research and credibility. This will allow you to transition from an intermediary to a legitimate gold buyer.

Engaging others as intermediaries can still be an option, but it’s important to establish direct connections and gain experience in the physical gold market.

Remember, being a self-made intermediary without physical contact with gold may be seen as a less credible approach.

Who are Gold Buyers for Us?

We do not consider imaginative refinery account-based gold buyers as true gold buyers. They are joker brokers who lack understanding of the gold trade.

Furthermore, we have no favorable perception of gold intermediaries approaching us with the statement “I have a gold buyer”. This approach has never yielded positive results in the past.

We exclusively sell gold to established gold refineries and dealers. These refineries and dealers are transparent, have physical locations that we have personally visited, and have a proven track record of purchasing gold.

We strictly avoid engaging with imaginative gold buyers or participating in any activities with wannabe, self-made gold trade intermediaries. Their unprofessional and naive business presentations are easily identifiable.

The True Benefits of a Gold Buyer

Let’s focus on the real essence of the business. As a naive and self-made gold trade intermediary, reading this article may bring about feelings of frustration and realization that your current approach is futile.

Consider opening a gold refinery account, which is a smarter move than relying on fake gold buyers.

Now, let’s explore the true benefits or advantages that a gold buyer can offer:

  1. Buying Price: The primary advantage a gold buyer can provide is a premium buying price. Switching from one gold buyer to another typically happens based on the offered price. If you don’t have a buyer offering a premium price, you aren’t providing any significant advantage to gold traders or gold mining companies. Discounts are irrelevant in this context.

  2. Financing and Special Contracts: Another potential benefit a gold buyer can offer is financing or special contractual arrangements, such as a Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract. They may also become a shareholder, partner, or investor in the gold trade or mining company. These arrangements can provide benefits to the gold seller and may involve discounted gold sales.

Consider whether your buyer offers any meaningful benefits to gold sellers. It’s crucial to evaluate your approach and operate with professionalism.

Available Real and Genuine Gold Deals

Under specific conditions laid out here, we are pleased to offer real and genuine international gold deals. Our commitment to transparency and professionalism sets us apart in the gold trade industry.

By adhering to these conditions, we are committed to providing real and genuine gold deals in the international market. We strive to establish long-term relationships built on trust, transparency, and mutual benefit.

Contact us to explore the available real and genuine gold deals that meet your requirements. Together, we can navigate the complexities of the gold trade industry and ensure a successful transaction.

Qualifications Required for International Gold Deals

We have exciting gold procurement deals available from various genuine countries, none from Africa, as in Africa we know how to do it.

Our screening process is thorough and aimed at ensuring the legitimacy and security of business transactions. The RCD™ Global Bank Account Introduction Membership for Banking and Financial Support Services fee helps cover the costs associated with our verification procedures and allows us to provide you with reliable and trustworthy business connections.

Please note that the payment of the membership fee is a standard requirement for all clients availing of our services. Once the payment is made, we will proceed with the verification process promptly, allowing the deal to take place smoothly.

To participate in these opportunities, your company must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Business Administrator: You must have a business administrator who is influential and has close connections to decision makers. This person should be able to travel to these countries to arrange deals and be authorized to sign documents.

  2. Document drafting: The business administrator or your company should have the capability to quickly draft documents, such as a Letter of Intention, to facilitate smooth and efficient negotiations.

  3. Company Brochure or Presentation: It is necessary to have a professionally prepared company brochure or presentation that showcases your expertise and credibility in the gold buying industry.

  4. Physical Presence: Your company must have a physical presence, demonstrating its genuine existence and commitment to the gold buying business.

  5. Smelting and Assaying Equipment: It is essential for your company to possess smelting and assaying equipment in advance. Even if the gold will not be processed at your premises, the availability of this equipment is necessary.

  6. Premises Access: To ensure transparency and trust, you will be required to provide access to your premises, allowing our agent to visit for qualification purposes. This will be an informal visit to assess your facilities and operations.

  7. Independent Entity: Your company must have its own real physical presence and not represent itself under the umbrella of another company. This is important to establish the legitimacy and autonomy of your business.

  8. Respectful Business Conduct: International business talk and negotiation must adhere to high standards of professionalism and respect. It is expected that you have qualified international business administrators or negotiators who can engage in courteous and constructive communication.

  9. Gold Delivery and Payment: Once all the details of the deal are agreed upon, the gold will be brought to your premises where it will be smelted, assayed, and payment will be made. In some cases, the gold may already be refined, must be paid before departure, it will be in buyer’s posession, and arrangements will be made for direct transport from the originating country.

We highly value professionalism and credibility in our business partnerships. If your company meets these qualifications, we would be delighted to explore these promising gold procurement opportunities with you.


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