Establishment of gold trading in East Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda...

Establishment of Gold Trading in East Africa

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Establishment of gold trading in East Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda…:

About our business

Our company GOLDIVANTI LP is since 2009. in business of gold and diamonds.

In Europe, back in 2009 and 2010, we have financed the establishment of gold trade in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Slovenia. We have been trading gold, organizing people, and managing gold trade in Europe and purchased and sold kilograms of gold.

Many of local companies followed our exemplary gold trade marketing and business. More than 500 businesses opened due to our business influence. We purchased mostly scrap gold and investment gold bars and coins from citizens and sold it fruther to gold refineries and gold buyers in Slovenia, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom and Italy.

With such extensive experience in Europe, later in time in 2012, we have established gold trade in Tanzania.

How can we help you establish international gold trade

We can help you PURCHASE gold from East Africa and other countries. We speak of real ground business for which you need to invest time, money, effort, and resources for organization and management. This is trade service for gold traders.

We work with Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and neighboring countries, including with South American countries and some West African countries.

Example of objectively real gold trade

We can help you only when you are establishing objectively real ground business in the country.

Examples of subjective unreal gold trade

We cannot help you if you happen to have subjective and unrealistic expectations which are objectively grossly out of the world and common ways of the real gold trade business. This happens too often.

We have welcomed gold buyers to Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and too often we have met people with subjective and unrealistic expectations. This type of people come to country, and they go. Often they are motivated by deals that have been presented to them through online offers, more often those deals were fraudulent. Potential gold buyers come with unrealistic expectations and never establish their local business and thus fail in doing any gold trade.

Our trade service helps upcoming and experienced gold traders to get gold quantities in East African countries.

About Start Your Own Gold Mine program

We have financed the creation of the program Start Your Own Gold Mine. Our clients interested to open a gold mine may be introduced in the business of gold mining in East African countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and few others in West Africa, South America or Australasia.

With over 350 mining sites available and many Preliminary Site Assessment and Inspection projects conducted, we can say to know many of the profitable mining locations. Thus we can help the businessman establish a local company, obtain all necessary resources, provide U.S. patented technology to recover even the fines gold particles. The business startup program Start Your Own Gold Mine has already helped foreign and local investors to understand practical details of the gold recovery, safety on mining sites, mining site planning and management.

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We help people who wish to start their own gold mining business

The fees for the program are US $22,000 when businessman is to obtain first 3 kilograms, while our side receives 2 kilograms of gold as award and full remuneration on the end of the program. Businessman may continue doing the business afterthat. The equipment we provide from our side is to process 80 tonnes of soft ores or tailings, crushed ores while hard rock ores have to be crushed with third parties. We may borrow the crushing machinery under certain conditions, howeve,r the equipment would yet belong to us.

In case where businessman wishes to obtain full service to open up a small scale gold mine, with the full machinery and equipment to crush 2 tonnes of hard rocks per hour and about 80 tonnes of soft ores per working day of 10 hours, we have a service fee of US $66,000. It relates to the full business startup in the level of small scale mining and may yield with more or less one kilogram of gold per month.

Startups are focused on East African countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Congo.

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Gold trading business and establishment services are included

For each of clients who are engaging in the Start Your Own Gold Mine program, either with the US $22,000 (plus 2 kilograms) or US $66,000 fee, we are providing special service to help the client to use the license for trading of gold and other minerals, when necessary diamonds or gemstones.

Licenses for trading of gold may be issued only to local company, be it in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya or other neighboring East African countries. There exist also one time licenses for foreign companies to purchase gold from the country.

In Tanzania there is legal need for a local citizen as a shareholder, and we can solve this legal issue easily for you, without considerable expenses.

We are working together with our staff members who are in posession of such a license to trade with gold and minerals in all East African countries.

Even those people who only wish to engage in trading of gold in East Africa like in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, without being engaged in Start Your Own Gold Mine program, we are providing the service of Establishment of Gold Trading in Tanzania meaning a full service with following benefits and advantages:

The full business startup fee for the Establishment of Gold Trading in East Africa is US $12,000 payable in advance or in two parts by US $6,000 two times.

First is for the company establishment and purchase of equipment and the second part upon arrival to country and upon the meeting face to face.

It may require even 30 days and longer for the administration to be finished before the gold transactions may take place.

Gold market prices in Tanzania in short and estimated income

The gold market prices in Tanzania when gold is obtained from dealers, and by dealers we mean in any city of Tanzania, are close to the gold market prices, where the maximum discount is 1%. Gold is demanded and to obtain it even with 1% discount is very difficult. The best dealers in Tanzania are not paying discounts, they are paying premiums, on top of the gold market price.

Now, how is then possible to make the gold trading in Tanzania?

What gold dealers are afraid of are the mining sites in bushes, and those are the places where we go to purchase the gold.

The mining price in bushes is around 80% or 20% discount off the market price. To purchase any considerable quantity from mining sites, one need to engage in traveling, relations with local miners, one need to establish the office on local mining sites, and need to provide better services to miners, so that more gold may be purchased. We advise our clients on how to buy gold in this manner.

Gold market prices in Uganda and Kenya are about the same as in Tanzania.

Estimated income from gold transactions in Tanzania

Here is the calculation of the estimated income of gold trade in Tanzania. While it is almost impossible to buy 1000 grams from one single miner, this calculation is showing the estimated income, when gold is purchased from multiple miners.

Estimate of gold transaction: Tuesday 2022-06-07 (GMT+3) 11:28:38
Seller: Local miners
Broker: Our staff member
Consultant: Foreign Investor (YOU)
Gold Trade Transaction Estimate
Estimated impurity weight in 1000.00 grams is 3.00%
Estimated weight after melting is: 970.00

Broker offers gold price of 117548.88 Tsh. per gram.
The total proposed payment would be: 114022413 Tsh. for 970.00 grams of gold,
with the purity of 95.00%, with the gold price per gram being 117548.88 Tsh.

Gold market price per gram: 138292.80 Tsh 
Pure gold grams: 921.50 x 138292.80 x 4.00% = 4842598.00 Tsh in royalties
Sales price per gram: 127436.82 Tsh x 921.50 grams = 123613710.85 Tsh.
INCOME = 123613710.85 Tsh - 118865012.68 Tsh = 4748698.17 Tsh

This amount of 4,748,698 Tanzanian shillings is equivalent to US $2043
or € 1903 on accomplishment of purchase and sale of one kilogram of
gold. Such business may take a week or longer.

Thus the potential earning in the first month with purchase and sale of few kilograms of gold may amount to US $5,000 to US $10,000.

Next following months it becomes possible to buy more and more gold due to the establishment of local business relationship.

Warning indications for gold trade in East Africa

Beware of the warning indications, that a proposed deal is a possible fraud:

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