Gold Mining and Consulting Services and Guidance

Gold Mining and Consulting

Our Goldivanti LP has primary activity of investment into gold mining business. We are investing in several locations in the world, creating new plants for gold mining, producing gold and entering joint venture agreements with mining license holders.

Gold Mining in Tanzania

We are present in Tanzania with several gold production projects. Currently, we are expanding production by moving heavy equipment from Europe to Tanzania, and recruiting, connecting and otherwise organizing the business.

Our current goals to achieve are following:

For these goals to be achieved, a lot of equipment is being in process of transportation and importation into Tanzania.

Consultation and Guidance for Gold Mining in Tanzania

For selected partners, we are offering a contract for consulting and guidance to acquire the gold mining locations and achieve viable gold production in Tanzania.

The contract is such, that once the client produced 3 kilograms of gold, he will know that can produce it and will get viable production. The fourth kilogram of gold, is paid to our company. That is payment which is made AFTER established gold production.

This is win win situation for both parties.

Call Communication and Reporting Officer I/C in Tanzania, Mrs. Rachel Ranfranco, with company Start Your Own Gold Mine on +255626100000

If you wish to call mentor Mr. Jean Louis for anything relating to Start Your Own Gold Mine simply call the number or on mobile devices click on this phone number +385958185403 to get immediately in touch, regardless of the time zone.

Current location of Mentor to Start Your Own Gold Mine

I am Mr. Jean Louis, mentor for Start Your Own Gold Mine program and I am currently located in Novska, Croatia, Europe. You will need either to contact me by email or contact the Communication and Reporting Officer I/C as described.

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