I asked him to send SKR to confirm availability of the gold

I asked him to send SKR to confirm availability of the gold

On Sun, May 21, 2017 at 11:25:59PM +0300, gold intermediary wrote:

thank you very much for your opinion as regards this offer from Africa.

I asked him to send SKR to confirm availability of the gold. No reply so far. Everything is clear with this offer.

SKR is never any confirmation of the gold. So far I know, here in East Africa, NOBODY who have real gold uses SKR. It is terminology used exclusively by those who do not have real gold.

Why would you put gold in safe deposit with third company? Does it mean it is insured?

Do you know that security companies in East Africa are worth nothing?

How can a security company guarantee for gold, by what? They don’t have money. To hire one security guy here, may be inexpensive, something like 50 euro for one month. And they spend time outside sitting and doing nothing. They are first to organize the robbery.

So, do not think that “SKR” is of any importance, in fact, when you hear the word “SKR” in West Africa or East Africa – run away, it is fake deal.

Criminals are well connected to police and government officials, they pay them bribes. So even if caught, once you go outside of country, they will be released.

We have a real and serious buyer of gold from USA who is ready to buy any quantitty of gold on CIF/DAP basis, USA.

There is absolutely no need for buyers.

I am now located in Entebbe, Uganda, it is an airport city of Uganda, pretty beautiful in comparison to other cities. Usually, I work in Tanzania.

We are forming company in Uganda, and we have company in Tanzania START YOUR OWN GOLD MINE LIMITED.

GOLDIVANTI LP is my UK company, that has invested money in development of this business.

Since 2012. I know Tanzania.

There was NEVER any problem in selling gold here.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM in selling gold in any gold producing African country.

That is the first to understand, before thinking that “buyers” of any advantage, they are not.

We have here in Uganda, hundreds of Precious Metal Dealers, we have in Tanzania, thousands of Gold Dealers.

We get best price in Tanzania, like 99%. So, which benefit is your buyer to give to small scale mining company?

Is the buyer going to pay 105% or 110% of gold market price?

Some private Dubai buyers pay 10% premium on top of the gold market price. That is a benefit, and for this reason may be worth exporting gold to Dubai. Few of acquaintances I know, one from Israel, one from Poland, they are selling gold to Dubai like that.

Here in Tanzania, if we wish to export gold, here is the financial burden:

  1. We need to pay royalties 4% on export

  2. We need to pay insurance 1% on export, either our party or the buyer

  3. We need to pay transport expenses.

  4. We need to wait for days on turnaround and money to come in.

Now compare all those factors of exportation to the simple sale of gold inside of Tanzania for 99% of the gold price.

Do you see, why the outside buyer would need to provide some serious benefit to small scale gold mining company, so that we provide them cheaper gold?

There is simply no financial advantage to have an outside buyer.

Finally, we know SO MANY gold buyers, and major gold refineries, to which I have been selling gold sourced from European trade.

Read more about that here: https://www.goldivanti.com/articles/i-have-gold-buyer-but-where-is-the-benefit.html

We have devised a program where anybody from outside, may get cheaper gold, and the offer is here https://www.goldivanti.com/prepaid-gold/index.html - so that way, a buyer may get gold 20% or 30% discount. Read about that, and for that offer, we can always nicely work it out.

He wrote: I will need to know their offer first.

We do not need buyers of gold, as those buyers do not give us any advantage.

Do we get some machinery to expand capacity of gold mines?

Can we get a truck?

Can we get an excavator?

Is buyer ready to sign up stream financing agreement or prepaid gold forward sales contract?

Is buyer offering us better price then over here? Something like 110% would be good price.

If not - such buyer give no benefit to local gold producer.

The good offer is here https://www.goldivanti.com/prepaid-gold/index.html and buyer may come to the spot to verify that we can do it with the expansion of our mining equipment.

I do not issue an LOI without an offer, but I actually like to skip the LOI, if I like the offer then we can work on the contract.

There is absolutely no need for “LOI”, we are in different countries, your intention is expressed in simple conversation.

Businesses are closed by signing up contracts.

If you have larger amounts of gold, here is my procedure:

There are NO larger amounts that any outside buyer can get from anywhere in Africa without having some kind of an agreement IN ADVANCE:

Those are ways to purchase cheaper gold.

Below is the start and we ramp up for their entire contract. I will give POF of up to $10 million through my partner after POP from seller after we are in contract then below as well.

It means absolutely nothing. Further, our company is small scale company.

If the seller can agree on below, then we can go in contract, the seller pays taxes; export documents of the gold bars and ship the gold bars to the Buyer refinery on a CIF/DAP basis here to the USA.

While that is a good idea, why would anybody do that?

Please let your buyer know that many of gold refineries as listed on this link below, pay 99% - 100% of the gold price: https://www.goldivanti.com/articles/i-have-gold-buyer-but-where-is-the-benefit.html

So if we are to send gold, because we are UK company, we would send it to Europe where we know refineries, or maybe to U.A.E. and not to the U.S.

Even we do have one company in the U.S. but we would not ship there. No need.

Before Seller pays the export duties and taxes and ship the gold bars on CIF/DAP basis here to the USA to the Buyer destination the seller will send POP after signing the contract to the Buyer. The seller will make the first shipment of up to 250 kg.

It is useless to try to search for companies that may produce 250 kg by using email. Business SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT.

Your buyer is not experienced, and they simply have the money and want to make money by being connected to the gold refinery.

But just ANY company that has 250 kilograms, may sell it directly to refinery, we all know that.

After the first delivery is delivered, verified and paid for within 3 business days after assay, then buyer shall swift to the seller a MT799 (POF from asset company GEBS in New Zealand) within 2 to 5

I know the GEBS company, they are private Credit Union for financial services.

Yet, read above, there is no benefit, there will not be business, and we cannot make that gold. We produce small gold quantities.

Companies that produce 250 kilograms ARE WELL KNOWN PUBLIC COMPANIES, with stock being sold on markets.

And only companies with long-term contracts, with some kind of financing, may get cheaper gold. Otherwise is not working.

Please advise if you are interersted in this deal and send your offer (FCO) if you can deliver tne gold to USA.

Just NO COMPANY that is genuine is dealing with “FCO”. FCO is fake terminology, it is not used in real and genuine gold trade.

Read: https://www.goldivanti.com/articles/fco-full-corporate-offer.html

Avoid using FCO and you will get less criminals on your line. If you push to get the “FCO” you will always get fake offers.

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