At this moment I am looking for gold sellers for my gold buyers

Much appreciated. As mentioned, at this moment I am looking for gold sellers for my gold buyers.

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On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 05:38:28PM -0700, a visitor wrote:

Thanks for the guidance. Much appreciated. As mentioned, at this moment I am looking for gold sellers for my gold buyers.

All “gold sellers” are well known companies. Just search on Internet on verified sources:


Now, if you read that about Ghana, there are NO OTHER companies that can make the same gold output as written in the article, except those are who are making it and are named.

There is one million small companies who cannot make not even 1 kilogram of gold.

Those companies which can make large quantites are ALL WELL KNOWN:

Just search.

Small and unknown companies, including our company, we don’t make large quantities!

So I am not offering to sell. You mentioned that gold buyers are not at any advantage. I am sure they know the lucrativeness of the business and that’s why they are making it as a revenue generator..right?

The point of the statement that “buyers are not an advantage” is that in EVERY gold mining company there are buyers already on ground paying good prices.

So if you come with any buyer, you need to provide an advantage, or you will never make a real deal.

The advantage can be better price then local buyer.

There is absolutely no advantage if you say that somebody shall bring or export gold and wait for payment.

As with local buyers we do not export and do not wait for payments.

as what you have kindly indicated in your email, I need to be careful of fraud, that is why I am going through each sellers profile and run a check on them. I need to protect my Buyers.

Very good, however, it is not easy to verify gold sellers it on distance.

In Africa it does not matter if you see documents, documents can be real. You can also see real gold, but any deal with bulk, cheap, ready gold is not going to be real for the reasons explained above: if the gold would be real the gold would be sold locally.

Where the FCO is concerned, that’s the buyer’s request for sellers to forward to them first.

The real gold buyers never ask for the FCO. Your buyer is not a buyer, it is yet another facilitator for the real buyer, so instead of being facilitator of the facilitator to the gold buyer, it would be better for you that you yourself find the real gold buyer.

However, keep in mind, just no company in the world is going to export or send gold to Singapore just because you contact them and tell them “we have a buyer”. Reason is explained above: we all have local buyers.

It detailed out the contents of the gold, etc, prior to importing to Singapore as our governing authorities here has a guideline of at least 99.50% purity content before it can be imported here.

That means gold has to be refined.

To refine gold is simple matter, we can refine it in house. And we also sell gold but only under the contract, by which contract we finance the future gold production, see

When I mentioned I have gold sellers, I meant I have a list of gold sellers whom the gold buyers can choose from. Gold buyers would also have their own check-points to verify if these sellers are legit.

That is so wrong, it cannot be more wrong. As a facilitator you should be very sure that you know that gold seller is genuine.

You should not provide just a list of companies of which you are not sure.

That is also the fastest way to lose the business relation with your buyers.

All the companies mentioned on the above link are genuine, however, you cannot just get gold from them, you need to have either stream financing contracts or forward gold sales contracts.

If you simply think these are sellers, but you have no foundation to assume so, you are bringing buyers into trouble, and instead of facilitating the true gold deal, you are facilitating international crime. Now, when the buyer loose the money, investigation will also ask you, why you did not verify the diligence properly.

How to be sure of a gold selling company on distance?

It is very hard to conduct due diligence of gold mining company on distance. Their most important asset is the gold bearing ore and equipment, and to be sure of that, you would need to go on ground and see it yourself, and make sure it belongs to them, and not to some third party company.

On distance, you can verify diligence only by doing following:

  1. That company selling gold is public company selling shares on the market, and that you are communicating through their official website, well known on Internet – this way you may be sure you are speaking to right company, and if company is public company, at least few years old, you have all reasons to believe it is true, when doing business on distance. You need to make sure that your communication line is authorized, not that somebody is faking their email address. Companies don’t use Google, Yahoo and similar. With this type of companies, once you make agreement, that’s it, and agreements are usually for future deliveries, not immediate deliveries. You of course need to make payments in advance, and need to meet them face to face. There is no business without face to face meetings. Regulations do not allow that! Gold will never be sold “under the price”, but will be sold “above the gold price” in future. For example, you will estimate that in 1 year, the gold price, instead of today US $40, it can be US $44 – and you will fix the price, not to be US $44, but US $42. So you are making agreement to buy gold in future, and you pay it in future US $42, you may loose if the gold price remains US $41, and they loose also. That is forward contract, which is not prepaid, it is always above the future estimated gold price.

  2. If the company is US based, or UK based or EU based, EU funded, with EU investors or US, Canada investors, and they are speaking to you about gold sales by agreement from US, Canada, UK or EU, and they are Europeans, and not Ghanaian or similar, and you can see on website about their development, what they did in past, which licenses they have, pretty transparent, you may be pretty sure you speak to real people. Then you need to meet them face to face, and then to go to mining sites, to make sure of their future resources. With this type of companies, junior mining companies, you may agree with prepaid gold forward sales contracts, to get gold cheaper in future, these companies need financing, and they increase production by gold sales. So you agree on 5% - 10% less the gold market price, in advance, with advance payment. There is no other way you can get discounts. Our company is since 2009, and we have developed many mining lands, and we can offer 20% or 30% discount from 2 kilograms and more, but we don’t accept clients first time with more than 2 kilograms.

Finally, I never said I am making a gold sale offer…so what picture are you referring to? The sellers were the ones who will forward the pix of the gold to my buyer.

Alright that was misunderstanding.

Here is how you an make gold trade business:

  1. You or your buyers, investors, can come to country and establish local company, then you are buying gold directly from mining sites for 20% discount, that is hard work, requires, organization, safety, and management, people, vehicles, housing, offices, everything necessary. Once gold arrives to city, it has price of 97% - 99% – you can then export, but export is worthless, as you can sell it locally for 99%.

  2. You can finance mining companies: making joint venture with option to get gold cheaper in future, investing with machinery with option to get gold cheaper in future, provide stream financing agreements or prepaid gold forward sales agreements.

What I have written to you is about real gold deals, “under the price” and in bulk, but you cannot get it unless you have this type of contract. And NONE company in gold mining is working with the FCO – if you hear that, gold is not real!

I know gold mining companies in Tanzania, so I know many of them, nobody works with FCO!

I know so many gold refineries, gold buyers, nobody works with FCO!

We have never sold gold by using FCO, be sure that whoever is using FCO is either a naive intermediary, or pretending buyer or fake gold dealer.

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