I have serious buyer who wants to buy gold bullion with 97.9% purity

I have serious buyer who wants to buy gold bullion with 97.9% purity

Dear Client

Thank you for your nice letter. I am longer in gold mining business, so let me give you my opinion.

On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 03:25:47PM +0800, client wrote:

I have serious buyer who wants to buy gold bullion with 97.9% purity or higher, 50KG as trial and 800KG per week up to 3.2 M/T per month on 12 months contract, FOB Hong Kong.

As I am sure you are using the term FOB incorrectly, I am advising to learn more about that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FOB_(shipping)

Further in gold mining business, there is no need to use that type of terminology, as sea transport is not reliable for gold sales.

The following is the details from buyer. If you have real seller who can perform this , please reply to me one by one immediately.

Sure we have, and you have received our emails explaining you about that. Gold can be sold in Austria in such quantities, and Switzerland, however, nothing that your “buyer” is specifying is going to work.

When gold is somewhere located, you cannot push people to bring it to you, it simple does not work and will never work.

Further, if you expect ANY discounts, that is not reasonable, gold is not sold in discounts. In fact there are premium prices.

The one offer with discount is our offer, and requires serious long-term contract https://www.goldivanti.com/prepaid-gold/index.html

These are buyer’s procedures, because this is our first business. Payment can not be paid by LC this time.

Buyers, unless gold refinery, are not to propose any “procedures” because serious buyers always COME to the gold to purchase themselves.

There does not exist not even ONE company in the world, that is going to just bring you gold in Hong Kong without payment.

  1. Buyer’s lawyer will open the escrow account in Hong Kong.

That is absolutely not necessary in gold business. Any gold producing country have thousands of buyers who pay cash, on the spot, and escrow account in Hong Kong cannot be trustful for anybody from other countries.

  1. Buyer and Seller should provide 2% Performance Bond to each other.

That is also absolutely not necessary and not used in gold trade. You probably have read too many virtual gold offers circulating the Internet, but that is not real gold business.

Gold business is simple, come to the gold, verify it, and buy it. There is no need for “performance bonds”.

  1. Seller should bring the Gold Bar to Hong Kong.

When gold is paid, and expenses of transport, and insurance are paid, than it can be shipped to Hong Kong. However, why would seller personally bring it, I do not know. Gold is not a baby that requires personal care. When transported with insurance, the insurance company is going to pay for any losses, and seller does not need to engage in that type of risks.

Not accepted!

  1. Seller and Buyer together visit Buyer’s refinery to melt the gold and check the purity.

That again, tells me that the gold buyer is not a real gold buyer. He or she is an intermediary, and you are the intermediary of intermediary. Gold is then simply brought to a gold refinery that is in reality paying for it.

For that reason I suggest you to read the following page: https://www.goldivanti.com/articles/i-have-gold-buyer-but-where-is-the-benefit.html as it will give you more insights on who you are now, and for whom you are working.

  1. Buyer will send Seller the TT in 3 days after confirmation of purity.

And after the buyer has obtained the money from gold refinery. So, start thinking logically, anybody who has 50 kilograms of gold, is already smart enough to know where gold refineries are located and can bring gold directly to them.

Your efforts are in vain.

By the way, telegraphic transfers are not used any more. That would be insecure system of a financial transaction.

  1. Above procedures should be followed for several times.
  2. After some months, Buyer will open the LC/SBLC.

Sorry, but that is absolutely not necessary. As I said, when a gold buyer likes to buy gold, they may come and buy it. There is no need for letters of credit or stand-by letters of credit. Further, such banking instruments are expensive, and would be minimizing the income.

  1. Seller can bring the gold to Hong Kong?

See my answer above, as there is no reason for anybody to bring it personally to Hong Kong. Once gold is paid it can be transported with insurance.

  1. Because buyer wants to evaluate the purity after melting.

True buyers are on ground, and guess what? They actually evaluated the purity after melting on the spot, and pay cash on the spot.

So, there is no benefit that your gold buyer is to offer. Please read once again this article: https://www.goldivanti.com/articles/i-have-gold-buyer-but-where-is-the-benefit.html

  1. So seller should send someone to witness evaluation.

11.The man and buyer can clear the price depending on the purity.

  1. What is the origin?

I am sorry, but gold sales do not work like that. You need to learn more and engage in true gold trade.

Right now, you are being an intermediary of intermediary, you could make an account with the gold refinery yourself, and pretend to be a gold buyer just as your “gold buyer” is now pretending so.

Jean Louis, mentor to Start Your Own Gold Mine
Our website: https://www.startyourowngoldmine.com
Our contact: https://www.startyourowngoldmine.com/contact/index.html


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