Glossary of Gold Buying Terms

Glossary of Gold Buying Terms

Explore our comprehensive glossary of gold buying terms, including definitions of key concepts and terminology related to the gold industry. This resource provides concise explanations of terms such as “Gold Buying,” “Mercury,” “Alluvial Gold,” “Miner,” and many more. Each definition is accompanied by a link to a relevant YouTube video that provides a visual and detailed explanation of the term. Whether you’re a miner, trader, or simply interested in the world of gold, this glossary will enhance your understanding and help you navigate the gold buying process. Explore the intricacies of gold refining, assaying, and the factors that influence gold prices. Learn about legal compliance, export licenses, and the importance of responsible practices in the gold industry. Gain insights into gold measurement units such as “Balance Scale,” “Tare,” “DWT,” and “Gram.” Discover nuggets, understand the concept of “Brass” in the context of gold buying, and explore the technology behind “Mercury Retort.” Stay informed about the dynamics of purchasing and sales gold prices, as well as the world market price of gold as determined by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Our glossary serves as a valuable reference for industry professionals, gold enthusiasts, and anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the gold market.

Gold Buying

The process of purchasing gold from miners, traders, or local communities in exchange for payment. Learn more


A toxic heavy metal used in artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) as a means of separating gold from other sediments. Mercury poses significant health and environmental risks. Learn more

Alluvial Gold

Gold that has been eroded, transported, and deposited by water or weathering processes. Alluvial gold deposits are typically found in riverbeds, floodplains, or terraces. Learn more


An individual or entity involved in extracting gold from the earth or river systems. Miners may work on a small scale using basic tools and techniques. Learn more


Individuals or companies engaged in the business of buying and selling gold. They often facilitate the supply chain between miners and refiners or end buyers. Learn more


The process of purifying raw gold to remove impurities and achieve a higher level of quality or purity. Refiners employ various techniques, such as smelting and chemical processes, to refine gold. Learn more


The analytical process used to determine the composition and purity of gold. Assays provide information on the gold’s quality, including its fineness, which affects its value. Learn more

Gold Price

The market value of gold, typically expressed per unit of weight (such as ounce or gram). Gold prices are subject to supply and demand dynamics, economic factors, and market fluctuations. Learn more

Export License

A document issued by the government or relevant authority that permits the legal exportation of gold. It ensures compliance with regulations and serves as proof of legitimacy for international trade. Learn more

Legal Compliance

Adhering to laws, regulations, and guidelines governing gold buying, trade, and exportation to ensure responsible and ethical practices. Learn more

Balance Scale

A device used to measure the weight of gold or other precious metals. It consists of a beam that is balanced on a central pivot and pans suspended at each end. The weight of the gold is determined by comparing it to known standard weights. Learn more


The weight of a container or object that holds the gold and is subtracted (zeroed out) from the total weight to obtain the net weight of the gold alone. Learn more


Abbreviation for “pennyweight,” a unit of measurement commonly used in the precious metals industry, including gold. One pennyweight is equal to 1/20th of a troy ounce, or approximately 1.555 grams. Learn more


A metric unit of weight commonly used to measure gold. One gram is equal to one thousandth of a kilogram or approximately 0.032 troy ounces. Learn more


A naturally occurring piece of gold that is relatively large and often irregular in shape. Nuggets are typically found in alluvial deposits and can vary in size, ranging from small flakes to larger pieces. Learn more


A yellowish alloy composed of copper and zinc. In the context of gold buying, “brass” may refer to counterfeit or fake gold pieces made from a brass alloy, intended to deceive buyers. Learn more

Mercury Retort

A device used to safely capture and condense mercury vapor during gold recovery processes, such as amalgamation or retorting. It helps minimize mercury emissions and facilitates the reuse or proper disposal of mercury. Learn more

Purchasing Gold Price

The price at which gold is bought from miners, traders, or local communities. This price is typically negotiated based on factors such as gold purity, weight, market conditions, and local dynamics.

Sales Gold Price

The price at which gold is sold to buyers or refiners. This price may include additional costs such as refining fees, transportation, insurance, and administrative expenses, which are added to the purchasing gold price.

World Market Price (LBMA)

The world market price of gold is commonly determined by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). It represents the benchmark price for gold traded in international markets and is based on supply and demand dynamics, investor sentiment, and other global factors. Learn more

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