Employment and Managing Opportunities with GOLDIVANTI LP

Employment opportunities with GOLDIVANTI LP

At all times of a year we offer various employment and management opportunities in our company GOLDIVANTI LP and Start Your Own Gold Mine.

The first position offered just to everybody is Communication and Reporting Officer I/C which is the entry position to the JLCO Executive Secretary or other managerial position.

Local and international people may be hired for management positions.

While local people are exclusively hired for technical and production related positions.

Skills required

Major skills required are:

  1. motivation to develop in life,

  2. intelligence,

  3. communication skills,

  4. honesty,

  5. leadership skills,

  6. willingness to work in fields of East Africa.

Some people are hired to provide us with services in their own country.

Possible profit

Let us not call it salary, let us call it profit. We do not want people to be motivated for a fixed salary.

We need people who are motivated to develop their life, who wish to get rich. So start thinking big!

Possible profit is may be in tens of thousands of dollars or euro monthly, there is no limit to it.

Basic job description

  1. Basic job description
  2. Position within the Organization Board
  3. Description of employee responsibilities
    1. Definitions of words
    2. How is staff member assigned to report on events.
    3. Methods of communication for reporting of events
    4. The substance of the report
    5. Which events must be reported
    6. Examples of prompt reports of events
  4. Status of the employee
  5. Management of other employees
  6. Management of other companies
  7. Obligation to follow the Administrative Scale
    1. Statistics of the employee
  8. Policies for every staff member

Basic job description

The employee is to act as executive and collect reports and report to Mr. Jean Louis any information as agreed during the duty time. Employee will have the rights to act as alternative director, yet only for those specific tasks as decided by management. Further the employee has responsibilities to assist our clients to carry on with projects.

Position within the Organization Board

The employee is to hold the position of Reporintg Officer and Communicator I/C, responsible to carry out plans, programs and projects for Louis Communication Office.

Description of employee responsibilities

Definitions of words

You are supposed to clear and understand the following words. If you have troubles in understanding the following words you are supposed to ask for help.

How is staff member assigned to report on events.

Staff members may be directed to report promptly on events. It may be assigned be contract or order of senior, or by program or project instruction.

Employee is assigned by this contract to be reporting and communicating with management as prescribed.

Methods of communication for reporting of events

Reporting on events shall be done by the method of communication as it follows below:

  1. Sending report by email. In that case the subject line shall be describing the event that is taking place. This is primary communication.

  2. Sending report by chat.

  3. Sending reports by SMS.

  4. Calling people by phone.

  5. Sending letters.

  6. Sending reports by walkie-talkie or radio station.

  7. If nothing works, you are supposed to contact staff member who can send the report to the senior on behalf of you.

The substance of the report

The substance of the report is the transmitted information about the time, place, form and event.

Which events must be reported

  1. Each event, situation, or information that is asked by senior Mr. Jean Louis or other assigned senior.

  2. Begin and end of an important action conducted.

  3. Begin and the end of the working day of reporting officer.

  4. Each arrival or departure from any place.

  5. Way-points of any new important locations by email and by the title. You are required to make sure that way-point is recorded on the company phone, if you have such phone.

  6. Each meeting with people, the number of people and who these people are. Your report shall use short names if we already know those people. This includes the conclusions from meetings.

  7. For each new person, their phone number, position, location, reasons why we are meeting that person, and locations and whereabouts of other people in the team.

  8. Each new action you are observing that other staff members are doing or are assigned to and what exactly are they doing at what specific times.

  9. Each expenses or purchases and purchasing location. Pictures are to be made of each receipts and uploaded to our servers. And all receipts to be recorded on paper.

  10. Each out-ethical situation, for example a lie, theft, wrongdoings, promises not held, staff members not respecting the working hours and similar.

  11. Each new plan to move somewhere at later time or to meet anybody at later time.

  12. Any resources moved from one location or person to other location or person, and reasons of it.

  13. Pictures must be made for each important event, and such pictures uploaded to our servers. No picture is to retain with the reporting officer on private phones.

  14. Observations on what has to be improved. Proposals for new actions and questions on any issues.

  15. Anything of above points have to be reported that was not reported timely in the later time.

Examples of prompt reports of events

For example, if you are to move to city named Tabora, before moving to bus station, you would send email and inform me that you are moving to bus station, or if you bought the ticket, you may inform me, I bought the ticket, arrived to Tabora, have taken boda-boda, and so on.

Reporting on events is very much appreciated and that is exactly what is needed and wanted from you. That is how you can make long term business relation with us. We are looking for a reporting officer, and if officer is not reporting, what would be the point of it?

You would inform me of those events that are updating your location, the people you are meeting, events happening, new times and dates.

Anything good happening, new event happening shall be reported. Anything bad happening shall be reported.

More examples:

Status of the employee

The status of the position is In-Charge. At all writings of the position in the organization board, the employee shall use the abbreviation ROC I/C is the abbreviation of the title of the position.

Upon completion of the training program, an employee may change the status without the abbreviation I/C. At that moment, this employment agreement shall be amended. Until then, the position within the Organization Board may be changed according to the actual skills and progress of employee in the training program.

Management of other employees

The employee is to manage other employees, and falls under the section 10. (6) of the Employment and Labour Relations Act Cap 366 as "senior management employee", who will be authorized by separate documents to make policies on behalf of employer, and will be authorized to conclude collective agreements on behalf of employer.

Management of other companies

The employer is in the business of management of other companies and employee is to participate in execution of plans, programs, policies and creation of Administrative Scale for managed companies.

Obligation to follow the Administrative Scale

The employee is to learn, practice, execute and follow the Administrative Scale of a company that consists of Goals, Purposes, Policies, Plans, Programs, Projects, Orders, Ideal Scenes, Statistics and Valuable Final Products. For this purpose the Administrative Scale is a confidential document that employee has understood by talking with the employer, and may use it in writing during the work to be able to coordinate and execute it with authority.

The employee understand that this agreement cannot possibly describe all the actions of the job which is complex administrative job.

Statistics of the employee

The statistics of employee are:

  1. Number of routine daily reports.

  2. Number of daily tasks carried on as assigned projects, and well reported.

  3. Total number of reports per week.

Employee is to record the statistics as specified for the assigned divisions of the organization board. Each of divisions is going to have its own statistics.

Policies for every staff member

A staff member is obligated to clarify all the information that is receiving in the due course of the job and shall clarify all not well understood words.

For the reason that we are consulting company, a staff member may be assigned on a daily basis to make pictures and videos of the work, as such have to be published or communicated in confidential manner to our clients. Staff member knows and understands that pictures, videos, and information pertaining to the business of the company, belong solely to the company, and that such may be published.

Staff member shall not distribute pictures, videos or any information to public and is advised not to disseminate information on online social networks.

A staff member is obligated to coordinate any actions and release of information, and communication, and any arrangement of meetings, with the assigned executives.

The daily coordination shall be at arranged morning times, before the daily work and before the end of the daily work.

Every staff member is obligated to learn and to use the smartphone and computer applications for communication, orientation and business organizatons as stipulated by the administrative scale, plans, programs or projects.

Staff members shall not give out personal phone numbers, or personal emails, or personal addresses to public in the due course of business, but are obligated to use company numbers for any communication with public.

Staff members are obligated to collect the contact information of potential clients, clients, suppliers, workers and enter such into company database or onto the company paper documents, and such information shall always have a full name including family name, the phone numbers, email address where available, the position or the job of the person, the company name of the person where available, the address, and the name of city, town or village of that person. Collecting contacts is important action of each staff member in the due course of the job.

When arranging meetings, staff member is to always tell to person *how many people will participate at the meeting and what is the purpose of the meeting, including the place, date and the time of meeting*. The same information is required to be given to persons we visit ourselves.

No meetings are to be arranged by staff member if staff member was not authorized for such.

For any payments or disbursements of money from the company, a staff member is obligated to get the authorization in writing, signed by the 3 executives assigned to him for this purpose. Without the authorization in writing, the staff member is to pay the moneys back to the company, that was spent without authorization.

Staff member shall not perform any actions in the name of the company or in the name of any of executives, if such actions were not previously authorized by written documents.

The staff member is obligate to follow the guidance on safe communication within the company, and especially to use the encrypted communication whenever instructed to do so.

Staff member is to follow the safety procedures of the company and those as required by the laws.

Staff members are obligated to use the reporting sheets as provided by the company which are Daily Activities Sheet, Payments of Tasks, Expenses Sheet, Received Resources Sheet, Waypoints Sheet, Contacts Sheet and Battle Plan, and there may be other similar reporting sheets in future.

Staff members are obligated to record the production results and to insert them into the database of the company, so that statistics diagrams may be drawn, and also to learn how to draw statistics diagrams on paper, without using the computer.

How to start?

To start the application for this position, feel free to contact us, find our email address after the inquiry and later send us your résumé.

We appreciate if you use simple text without attaching any files. We need information, not decoration.

You will then be assigned few projects and progress one by one forward.
p You will be learning skills and your demonstration of skills and execution of projects is what is giving you the employment opportunity.

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