Tanzanite Mining, Polishing and Trade

Tanzanite mining, polishing and trade

Tanzanite is a blue gemstone originally from Tanzania and mined only on one place in Mirerani where resources of our company have been used to establish business of Tanzanite mining, polishing and trade. We are on a direct source to Tanzanite dealing directly with miners and providing polished Tanzanite gemstones to the world.

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We have legal contracts with locally licensed brokers and dealers and opportunity to cut and polish every single Tanzanite gemstone before departure from country.

Tanzanite gemstones cannot be sold in rough state as according to the law they have to be polished before the export.

Pictures of rough Tanzanite

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Prices of Tanzanite in the world

There are different markets for Tanzanite in the world.

Thus prices of Tanzanite may range from few hundred dollars for less quality gemtones in United States to US $1,000 and more per carat for best quality gemstones.

Prices for Tanzanite in United Kingdom are over £1,200 per carat for best gemstones.

Prices for Tanzanite in Germany may range from €600 to €1500 per carat.

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Investment opportunities with Tanzanite gemstones

As our contracted investment is directly located in Mirerani, Tanzania we have unique position to offer excellent investment opportunity with Tanzanite gemstones.

Mirerani is the place where Tanzanite is mined from Lelatema hills or also known as Mirerani hills.

Investment of US $8,000 in gemstones may bring the income and return of investment in amount of US $10400 within few transactions with gemstone trade.

It is possible to arrange purchases and export of Tanzanite with our company.

For more information see https://www.tanzaniteapollo.com

Current Tanzanite inventory



| 2.58 ct, B |          722.40
| 1.73 ct, C |          259.50
| 3.19 ct, B |          893.20
| 1.96 ct, B |          548.80
| 3.24 ct, B |          907.20
| 4.52 ct, B |         1265.60
| 2.06 ct, B |          576.80
| 2.41 ct, B |          674.80
| 1.34 ct, C |          201.00
| 2.64 ct, B |          739.20
| 1.05 ct, B |          294.00
| 2.63 ct, B |          736.40

 TOTAL: US $7818.90

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