What kind of investors buy physical gold?

What kind of investors buy physical gold?

Average normal people buy physical gold. I have seen it in Europe.

  1. Midwives buy physical gold, they sometimes receive gold coins such as Wiener Philharmonic of 1 troy ounce, for births they assist with. So they keep it safely for future.

  2. Just normal casual people from street and average people I have met in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, buy physical gold, gold coins mostly, Austrian ducats, and Philharmonic one, some buy bars. People give gold often for weddings and births.

  3. Managers of company buy physical gold, for long term, including platinum, silver and other metals. They use it as replacement for bank account.

  4. I have seen all kinds of people entering the large bank safes, where we are storing our gold. On few occasions, I have seen people with a trolley carrying inside surely more than 20 kilograms of gold, and storing it in the bank safe.

Purchasing gold as investment with hopes on some quick returns is not a good idea.

Purchasing gold as replacement for private and secret bank account, may be excellent for many investors, who don’t like their financial data being disclosed to anybody.

Gold may be bought up to €15,000 in Austria without any identification, and it can be sold up to €15,000 without any identification.

Those investors who wish to buy physical gold with discounts, they have to sign up contracts directly with gold mining producers, such as Goldivanti® Investment Gold where gold may be obtained with 20% to 30% discount.


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