What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold?

General question demands general answers, and that in turn cannot simply satisfy the specific needs of the actual investor.

There are various types of gold investments, and each of such investments have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Further, each advantage and each disadvantage greatly depends of the features of such investment, diligence, preparation and execution by the investor and any assisting party.

Anything relating to the laws of the country, does not necessarily relate to you or to the reader or website visitor who may be in quite different jurisdiction where such laws do not apply.

The one great advantage of gold is its market demand.

Gold, unlike many other goods, need not be advertised to be sold. The market demand is always such that gold may be sold easily, and easily exchanged for cash, and this is valid in almost all countries on this planet Earth.

We do not know of special disadvantages as we are versed in gold investments. For us, there are only advantages. People who lack the information and details will have disadvantages of course.

The one great disadvantage of gold investment is the envy — as soon as you start investing in gold, you should keep it for yourself, or you risk to find out who are your real friends and who not.


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