Should you buy gold instead of holding cash?

Should you buy gold instead of holding cash?

If you have a lot of cash that you do not use, and do not wish to deposit on bank account, and why would you without guarantee, then buying gold is your best option.

Gold is your private bank account, and you keep it safe where you think it is safest.

When having cash, you risk the political risk of that cash loosing its value. It has been shown over and over again that currency may loose its value and it may happen so fast, basically over night. If you have not experienced it, it is good that you ask people in various countries.

If you keep cash in USD, USD is a fiat currency, just like Euro, and bother are connected to large debt and prone to fail upon the political changes.

Banks are there not to keep your funds, but to invest your funds for their own profit. So keeping larger cash in banks is not advisable, and many banks do not guarantee the safety of your cash. In the US it may be up to US $100,000, in Norway is best guarantee in the world that I know. Banks in Europe are failing, like those in Cyprus, Italy, France. So people who had cash with banks, simply lost it and are not able to recover it so soon.

When you don’t know what to do with cash, buy gold and keep it safe yourself on some place.

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