How is a site for a mine selected?

How is a site for a mine selected?

Like what kind of geological surveys are done and what equipment is used to find resources underground before any drilling or explosives?

In small scale gold mining, the expensive and long exploration and prospecting methods are simply skipped and replaced by test shaft pit prospecting and simply by using ready clues on the ground.

The gold mining reach areas of countries such as Tanzania, allow the one to find the profitable and operational gold mining sites, where even 1000 people work every day and obtain 500–1000 grams per day. By quick observation and local knowledge, one is able to skip the long path of exploration and quicker guess the location where gold ore is present, and with small investment of few thousand dollars it is possible to prove the ores and have ores in sight.

Thus you may Start Your Own Gold Mine with the business of 1 kilogram or 2 kilograms per month.

The scale of mining company and future expectations directly determines how gold mining site is chosen.

When we have on hands 240+ mining sites, and we know by reports, accounting, sight, and physical work, that on such mining site there is 200 grams of gold per day, and for last 10 years, we have skipped the long process of exploration and may simply engage in small scale mining.


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