How can I find a genuine gold seller?

How can I find a genuine gold seller?

  1. Number one is to learn about the gold. As not only the gold seller must be genuine, but the buyer must be genuine too, and the buyer’s knowledge about the gold must be genuine. You must know the gold by its color and nuance of color. Gold is not just “yellow”, that is inaccurate description. Visit jewelers and ask them if they can recognize gold by color, real and fake gold. You must know gold by its density, if you don’t know, back to elementary school and learn about specific gravity, density, weight of water, specific weight of gold. Learn anything from Encyclopedia: Gold - Wikipedia and buy books on how to buy gold, there are many on Amazon, put your focus on scrap gold, and buy from people around you. If you don’t know the gold by the its taste, go back and learn the lesson. Same is valid if you don’t know gold by its volume and density. Like if you see somebody telling you that 200 milliliter (one cup) contains 1 kilogram of gold, and you don’t know now what I mean, go back and learn the lessons about gold.

  2. Then start buying gold in small quantities in your own city. Once you know the gold physically, and you have bought small quantities, then you would engage in international transactions, as I just guess that is the reason why you ask the question.

  3. Genuine gold sellers just never sell ready gold on table under the gold market prices. Not considerably. Those genuine are gold mining companies, where you may sign the agreements to buy gold in future, and you need to provide them benefits or advantages, or otherwise, why they would sell gold to you? Think about it. Every mining company knows how to sell gold. Only fake offers are to be advertised “cheap”.

  4. You may sign up contracts and make sure of your future pricing, example: Goldivanti® Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract or you may invest into a program to Start Your Own Gold Mine

  5. You may also invest into searching for real sources of cheap gold, and such are definitely not in Africa, where gold market is so well developed. Sources of cheaper gold are in South America or Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia or other isolated countries. You can get cheaper gold only by investing into travels and making sure of gold at the spot.


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