Fake white gold with fake hallmark 750

Fake white gold with fake hallmark 750

This is fake white gold with the fake hallmark of 750 indicating 75% purity of gold.

This is a gold bar of stainless steel.

It is used by fraudulent gold dealers and wannabe intermediaries when they wish to cheat some of naive jewelers that it could be gold.

They often claim that if the gold testing acid does not destroy the surface of this metal that it is a proof that it is gold.

I have met few jewelers believing into such stories.

Few times I have got people bringing me this gold with the hope to sell it. And when I debunk them, some of them get very offended because they do not know nothing about gold but still claim that is must be such.

And some people have bought it and lost money on this con-game.

White gold is usually real gold plated with rhodium. It is never sold in “bars” such as on this picture representing the fake gold bar.

Fake white gold with fake hallmark 750


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