The raised operation on the heap

Improving Heap Operations with Elevated Hammer Crusher Placement

Heap operation process efficiency is critical in mining operations, particularly when it comes to precious metals like gold. In a quest to optimize gold recovery, an innovative technique has been implemented: the elevation of hammer crusher placement on the heap.

Elevated Hammer Crusher for Enhanced Gold Recovery

This new approach involves positioning the hammer crusher— a vital piece of machinery used to crush the ore into smaller particles— above the heap itself. By raising the crusher’s height, the processed ore then sluices down more naturally due to gravity, enhancing the recovery process as it flows through the system.

Challenges with the Current Sluicing System

A significant inefficiency has been identified with the existing sluicing system. The second sluice, in particular, is problematic due to its steep angle and the excessively turbulent flow of water. These conditions are not conducive to optimal gold capture, resulting in a significant loss of potentially recoverable gold.

Gold Loss Estimation: The implications of this are considerable, with an estimated loss of 1-2 grams of gold per day. Over the course of a month, this can equate to a notable financial impact, underlining the need for a review and redesign of the sluicing system to minimize such losses.

Conclusion: Addressing the Efficiency Bottleneck

While raising the hammer crusher has proven beneficial, addressing the inefficiencies in the sluicing process is imperative. By optimizing the angle and reducing the turbulence within the sluice, a more controlled flow of water can be achieved, likely resulting in improved gold recovery and financial gain.

In conclusion, continuous innovation and examination of the current processes are paramount for enhancing gold recovery rates and reducing monetary losses. The combination of correctly placed machinery and an optimized sluicing system can lead to a more profitable mining operation.

The raised operation on the heap

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