The mercury-free fine gold recovery system

The mercury-free fine gold recovery system

Introducing our mercury-free fine gold recovery system. It consists of a set of buckets, basins, classifiers, sluices, and gold pans. The system is designed to recover even the finest gold particles without the use of mercury. Our process is fast and straightforward, focusing on the principle that concentration is the key to gold recovery. We concentrate the gold effectively, ensuring efficient recovery.

In our mercury-free process, we begin by concentrating the gold on a fine gold sluice. Next, we take the concentrates and further concentrate them using a smaller sluice, resulting in a higher concentration of gold and a reduced amount of black sand concentrates. These concentrated materials containing fine gold are carefully panned out, revealing and recovering the precious gold particles.

Description of Materials

  1. Two short chairs
  2. Two larger basins for gold panning
  3. Five buckets for various particle size groups
  4. 50 mesh and 100 mesh screens
  5. 200 mesh screen is optional
  6. Cleangold Prospecting Sluice and yellow scrapper

The fine gold recovery system

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