Heaps of tailings being milled again and processed

Heaps of tailings being milled again and processed

In an effort to maximize the value of these tailings, the locals have resorted to using a basic hammer crusher that operates in wet mode. This simple, yet effective, machine is capable of breaking down the solid material into smaller pieces. Once the material is crushed, it is then processed on small carpet sluices that are set up in a looped system. This innovative approach allows the locals to extract any valuable minerals or resources present in the tailings.

However, one drawback of this crude hammer crusher is the ongoing cost of maintaining it. The expense of replacing worn-out hammers alone was significant, amounting to approximately 25,000 Ugs. per day. This translates to roughly US $6.95 as of January 2018. Despite the financial burden, the locals recognize the potential benefits of reprocessing the tailings and are willing to make this investment in order to harness any remaining value from the material. With the hammer crusher and the carpet sluices working together, the locals have created a primitive yet resourceful system to enhance the economic viability of the tailings.

Heaps of tailings being milled again and processed

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