The Standard Gold Buying and Sales Procedure

The Standard Gold Buying and Sales Procedure

Information on the standard procedure followed for buying and selling gold in various countries. It is intended for individuals interested in understanding the process and requirements involved in selling their gold to licensed dealers.

Gold Procedure for Each Country

Note: The above procedure is applicable to the majority of gold dealers. Please note that some large companies may have different procedures.


The standard gold buying and sales procedure outlined above is followed by a majority of licensed gold dealers across various countries. Whether you are located in India, China, the United States, or any other country on the list, the process remains the same.

At GOLDIVANTI, we welcome customers from all around the world to bring their gold to our dealership in Uganda. We assure you a seamless experience where your gold will be carefully assayed, verified, and retained by our experienced team. Once the verification process is complete, we offer convenient options for payment, including cash or wire transfer.

If you have gold to sell, don’t hesitate to visit our dealership in Uganda. We are committed to providing fair prices and excellent service to all our customers.

Thank you for choosing GOLDIVANTI as your trusted partner in gold buying and sales!

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