Pictures from gold mining sites in January 2017

Pictures from mining sites from January 2017

Driving by motorcycles in Tanzania

Driving by motorcycles is necessary when going to hard to access mining sites. Sometimes there are no roads, but just small paths, where we need to pass. Assessing the area without motorcycle is almost impossible and would be time consuming by walking.

IMG_20170105_093925646.jpg IMG_20170105_103953792.jpg IMG_20170105_104052735.jpg IMG_20170105_112304406.jpg

Gold bearing ores

Gold bearing ores often contain a lot of pyrite which is so often known as “fool’s gold”. The real gold may be however found inside, and is on daily basis found in Tanzania and many other countries. Pyrite and pyrite related minerals are often the major source of gold.

IMG_20170105_105343711.jpg IMG_20170105_105352694.jpg IMG_20170105_105501179_HDR.jpg IMG_20170105_130617488.jpg IMG_20170105_130620681.jpg

Assessing the water sources

Water sources are primary resource in any mining operation. We are assessing the nearest water sources, and figuring out how to bring the water to the working place. The first step in any work on a mining site is test prospecting, as after review of the material and determination that there could be feasible and workable ore, we are engaging in test processing. Once test processing shows viable gold and profitability, we may modernize the mining site for better capacity.

IMG_20170105_112436125.jpg IMG_20170105_112457337.jpg SAM_0097.JPG SAM_0098.JPG SAM_0100.JPG SAM_0101.JPG SAM_0102.JPG SAM_0103.JPG SAM_0104.JPG SAM_0105.JPG SAM_0106.JPG SAM_0154.JPG SAM_0157.JPG SAM_0158.JPG SAM_0159.JPG

Gold nuggets and gold dust is found

On mining site we do expect to find gold nuggets and gold dust, as that is what we search for. It has been found and has been confirmed. Not one confirmation is required for any investment. One need to review how much of the gold is actually available, and to measure what would be the expected future average.

IMG_20170105_124859341.jpg IMG_20170105_124929574.jpg IMG_20170105_182128670.jpg SAM_0165.JPG SAM_0166.JPG SAM_0167.JPG

Assessing all available resources

We are reviewing the available resources on mining site, to see how to provide for better camp and better living conditions, to review how people are currently living there, and how to modernize the conditions and what of those living and business resources may be used in the future.

SAM_0130.JPG SAM_0132.JPG SAM_0133.JPG SAM_0135.JPG SAM_0136.JPG SAM_0137.JPG SAM_0139.JPG SAM_0140.JPG SAM_0141.JPG SAM_0142.JPG SAM_0143.JPG SAM_0148.JPG SAM_0154.JPG

Quick prospecting on the mining site

We rush with some quick prospecting, just to confirm the gold, so that we may arrive next time and test it in the next stage.

IMG_20170105_132939291_HDR.jpg IMG_20170105_134111237.jpg IMG_20170105_134348339.jpg IMG_20170105_134803363.jpg SAM_0118.JPG SAM_0119.JPG SAM_0120.JPG SAM_0121.JPG SAM_0122.JPG SAM_0123.JPG SAM_0124.JPG SAM_0125.JPG SAM_0126.JPG SAM_0127.JPG SAM_0128.JPG SAM_0129.JPG

Gold is there

Gold is actually there and we have confirmed it.

SAM_0174.JPG SAM_0183.JPG SAM_0203.jpg SAM_0232.JPG SAM_0234-1536.jpg SAM_0234-crop.JPG

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