Gold bars for lesser than a gold price

Gold bars for lesser than a gold price

Our company GOLDIVANTI LP offers the investment and monetary gold bars that may be purchased with up to 30% discount off the world market’s gold price.

Gold bars with 20% to 30% discount

The company GOLDIVANTI LP, registered in United Kingdom, Europe, offers to investors the investment gold or monetary gold bars and gold bullion with discount of 20% to 30%.

If the trend of gold price is to raise upon the delivery, the investor is to earn more than the expected profit of 20% to 30%.

If the trend of the gold price is to go down upon the delivery of gold bullion, the investor has wide margin not to be left without profit, as the discount is 20% to 30%.

The reason why is such deal is possible is that our company has invested in multiple mining sites and development of mining in Tanzania and so obtained the control over resources.

We are able to open up a new and small production, sub-licensed on the existing and fully productive mining sites, and on such small location to erect the mining equipment that is to produce the ordered gold.

That is what is going on in the background of the business, and is not a worry of the gold purchaser.

Such gold bars are ordered in advance with gold price fixed a day before the payment.

Delivery time is up to one year. The expected delivery time is just 6 months.

The gold is then produced directly on mining sites under our control. It is assayed, melted and sold directly in the country. Only the money is transferred to Europe or United States, or wherever our clients reside. The money is then used to purchase the gold bullion and to deliver such exchangeable gold bars to the client.

Client is then free to sell the gold for profits. And we insure that client will be able to sell such investment gold for the gold market prices.

We may deliver 1 to 2 kilograms per order. For larger quantities, special negotiation is to be made, and discounts cannot be larger than 30% regardless of the quantity.

Less risk, more profit

There is certainly much lesser risk in purchasing gold bars cheaper than the official gold price.

That is less risk for the investor and right way to buy gold. The investor is giving the benefit to the gold producer and is patient on the delivery.

Then our company have the diversified control over mining sites in Tanzania which is to make sure that gold can be mined and delivered.

Some individuals make a smart living out of this kind of physical gold trade.

Quite simply, one does not need to wait that gold price raises in future, rather the waiting time is given to the gold mining production.

Transaction may be repeated up to 3 times per year, thus achieving the total income of 30% per transaction or 90% in one year.

The gold is delivered to the client, which also means that return of investment is recovered with the each transaction.

Gold bars are exchangeable or may be sold for money in any of the gold trading banks.

We help our clients to exchange gold for cash wherever they reside, and we may also sell their gold within the agreement and send the money to clients.

Example of investing into 2 kilogram of gold

  1. The customer understands how the Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract works, and signs up the contract.

  2. The customer is paying for 2 kilograms of gold. The current price of 2 kilograms of gold is US $<% (princ (cl-user::prepaid-gold-value-total cl-user::2kg-usd)) %>. Instead of the current gold price, customer is paying the discounted price of US $<% (princ (cl-user::prepaid-gold-price-total cl-user::2kg-usd)) %>

  3. In background our company is ordering mining machinery, equipment, and opening up a special and separate sub-licensed mining operation on the present and operational mining site. The manufacturing and delivery of mining machinery may take longer than 3 months. In the subsequent months, the gold is produced, sold for money, and with money the gold bullion is purchased and delivered to the client.

  4. Client may thus receive the gold within 6 months, up to one year and has to be patient. In case of any delays our company is paying US $<% (princ (cl-user::prepaid-gold-delivery-penalty cl-user::2kg-usd)) %> monthly.

  5. Provided that the gold price remained the same at the point of time in future, client is free to sell the gold for the full price of US $<% (princ (cl-user::prepaid-gold-value-total cl-user::2kg-usd)) %> and thus earns the profit of US $<% (princ (cl-user::prepaid-gold-expected-profit cl-user::2kg-usd)) %>

  6. In the next round, if client so wish, may invest again into the purchase of gold. This time, our company is to immediately use the present sub-licensed mining location to produce such gold immediately, with the expected turnaround time of 3 months. The money will be equally invested into mining machinery, yet it is not to delay the production for the client.

  7. In the next round of 3 months, we may again produce the next 2 kilograms of gold for the client.

  8. The sub-licensed locations and mining equipment is of such capacity and efficiency that it is good enough for 2 kilograms. If larger quantities are required, special talks and negotiation are to be made with our company.

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