Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract With Direct Investment of Gold Mining Equipment and Machinery

Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract With Direct Investment of Gold Mining Equipment and Machinery

You are now being introduced to our company. Our company is a Limited Partnership, and we are registered in UK.

Since 2009. we are in business, and you may find out business information on Companies House.

Our trademark GOLDIVANTI® has been registered back in 2012.

Since all these years, we have invested few hundreds of thousands into Tanzanian gold mining development.

Today we are investing to Tanzania through the company START YOUR OWN GOLD MINE LIMITED – which is our investment.

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We have got mineral rights in Tanzania through contracts, and have control over good mining sites.

Such sites are in activity with more than 1000 miners per day, and with our control, we may remove the miners, put our machinery, and produce gold just for us.

In order to finance such development, we have devised the Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract, which is offered from website.

That means 20% to 30% discounted gold we may offer to the investor.

I know that interest rates in UK are less, and that such investment profits may seem high at first sight.

You need to consider that price of gold on mining sites in Tanzania is already 80% of the market price. So by simply buying gold, one could get such interest or profit back.

Now we are producing gold, and what we get from Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract is the machinery and equipment.

At any time, you become able to observe, and also to directly purchase the machinery that we need and want. This way you know where the money goes, as it goes to expand and raise the development of valuable gold mining site.

Currently, about 200 grams is produced daily on that mining site, which I am not disclosing here in the first step.

When we bring the new equipment, we could get that gold production and exchange it for gold bullion.

Gold bullion is then delivered to you by contract, in chunks of 250 grams, as soon as it is produced.

Once gold is produced, the gold from mining is then sold for money, or refined, and exchanged for gold bullion. We send money to Europe, order the gold bullion, and gold bullion is delivered to the client.

It is an investment gold, free of VAT or taxes in Europe. You may sell it, and when you sell such gold, you may be income tax free, but your accountant may advise you properly

Thus, in that way, a contract may be structured that you receive the gold bullion and that on your side, sale of such gold bullion becomes tax free.

And you would gain 20% to 30% profit, depending of the quantity.

Through the company START YOUR OWN GOLD MINE we have got accessible more than 248+ mining sites, which means, our position is much more diversified, and we know where is the gold.

Further, our mining equipment is mobile. We may move our position from one place to the other place.

There is no fear of “lack of ores”

You maybe wish to provide machinery or mining equipment, instead of the money for the gold.

Please verify the offer once again here and understand what is Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract, and let me know following:

All we need is the machinery, with the capacity enough to provide us 5 tonnes per hour:

  1. Digging and excavation equipment, it can be one excavator with the hydraulic hammer for digging – or it can be generator, compressor, and 2 hydraulic hammers operated by hands. Both may give us easily 5 tonnes per hour.

  2. We need crushing and milling machinery, and we need always more and more of it. This type of machinery must be balanced to the first type of digging. As if we have capacity to crush and mill 5 tonnes per hour, we need excavation of 5 tonnes per hour, to be balanced.

  3. The gold recovery equipment, we have already, best US based patent, by US inventor, so we may recover smallest gold particles, which represent the majority of gold particles in such milled ores.

Your machinery shall be valued according to UK and European standards. We cannot value it according to markets in Africa or elsewhere. We know the values of machines, trucks, in UK and Europe.

You can be also open and frank with me, maybe you have got the machinery that is to you 50% worth of the gold to be delivered – but we may value it 80% – so it depends of how efficient it can be for us.

Once we have got the equipment capacity of 5 tonnes per hour, we already have ores, which have even 20 grams per tonne, but conservatively, we are estimating 5 grams per tonne, then we can actually speak of the following production:

Saturday 2022-08-27 (GMT+3) 05:09:54 - Gold Price: US $1746.69
GOLDIVANTI LP: SYOGM - EQV Formula - Estimate
(E) - Equipment capacity: 5.00 tonnes per hour
(Q) - Quality of gold and ores: 3.00 grams per tonne, of 95% pure gold
(V) - Volume of ores to process: 50 tonnes per day in 10 working hours
EQV = Gold Production (idealistic estimate):
Daily estimate: 142.50 grams per day or US $8,002, EUR 8,041, TZS 19,421,758
Monthly estimate: 4,275 grams per month, or US $228,069, EUR 241,254, TZS 582,652,758
Yearly estimate: 51,300 grams per year, or US $2,880,873, EUR 2,895,053, TZS 6,991,833,104
Expanded EQV formula, income without overall and full expenses:
Running expenses (not accurate) in US $225,588, EUR 226,699, TZS 547,500,000 per year
Income after expenses in US $2,655,285, EUR 2,668,354, TZS 6,444,333,104 per year
Sharing part for license holder: 40.00% and for GOLDIVANTI LP: 60.00%

Income for license holder in US $1,062,114, EUR 1,067,341, TZS 2,577,733,241
Monthly income, after expenses: US $88,509, EUR 88,945, TZS 214,811,103

Income for GOLDIVANTI LP is US $1,593,171, EUR 1,601,012, TZS 3,866,599,862
Monthly income, after expenses: US $132,764, EUR 133,417, TZS 322,216,655

As you can see, we CAN produce the gold, provided all the facts I am telling you are true and accurate, and you are invited to verify them.

Once machinery is on the place, and that may require 3 months - 4 months, due to transportation, we then need 1-2 months, and to put aside one part of that production and to deliver 2 kilograms of gold.

It should be clear that such machinery remains to us, and that we become able to deliver more gold to you in the next run without waiting, while ordering additional machinery in parallel.

I hope I have explained it all well and simple, and that this is a good introduction. In case of business, Mr. Mlambo would be receiving commission from our side.

Don’t hesitate to make any questions.

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