Dredge boat and Stipe showing us the engine and pump

Dredge boat and Stipe showing us the engine and pump

This is Stipe, he is showing us the engine and the pump on his dredge boat.

A dredge boat, also known as a dredger or dredge vessel, is a specialized watercraft equipped with dredging equipment used to recover gravel and sand for the final recovery of gold in mining operations. The dredge boat typically consists of a floating vessel with a hull designed to navigate shallow water bodies, such as rivers or streams.

The process of gold recovery using a dredge boat involves the following steps:

  1. Dredging: The dredge boat is equipped with a suction or excavation mechanism, such as a dredge pump or cutter suction, that removes the gravel and sand from the riverbed. This material, known as dredged material or slurry, is brought on board the dredge boat for further processing.

  2. Separation: Once the dredged material is onboard, it goes through a series of separation processes to separate the gold from the gravel and sand. Techniques such as gravity separation, sluicing, or the use of mechanical screens and classifiers may be employed to separate the heavier gold particles from the lighter materials.

  3. Concentration: After separation, the gold-bearing material is concentrated to increase the gold content. Techniques like shaking tables, centrifugal concentrators, or gold recovery mats may be used to enhance the concentration of gold particles.

  4. Final Recovery: The concentrated gold material undergoes the final recovery stage, where gold is extracted through methods such as amalgamation, cyanidation, or the use of specialized gold recovery equipment. This process aims to capture and collect the fine gold particles for further processing and refinement.

The use of a dredge boat in gold recovery operations allows for efficient extraction of gold-bearing gravel and sand from rivers and streams. It facilitates the collection, separation, concentration, and final recovery of gold particles, significantly improving the overall gold recovery process.

Dredge boat and Stipe showing us the engine and pump

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