How we conduct business meetings?

How we conduct business meetings?

This short article will explain to our business partners, clients and facilitators on how our company is conducting business meetings.

We are using common sense, logic and reason when estimating future opportunities.

And business meetings are conducted for specific future actions to be done, while majority of agreements may be finished already during the distant communication process.

Steps to arrange a successful business meeting

Before arranging a business meeting, there must be a well defined purpose of the meeting that is valuable for both parties. Only rarely we will engage in meetings without purpose.

Each of the parties of the meeting shall be proper parties, authorized to speak about the subject of the meeting, and each of parties shall be identified in advance and information exchanged.

When meeting purposes are connected to our business and services, meetings are conducted at our place, as the other party is interested in our good goods or services. Rarely, we may conduct such meetings at the place of interested party, usually when on travel to their location.

Meetings that relate to visits to mining sites or mining license holders that have interesting mining locations, are conducted at their places.

Here are the good steps to follow when arranging business meetings:

  1. First think of a purpose of a business meeting. If the purpose is to talk about the future joint venture in gold mining business, then it is logical that we wish to speak to authorized persons, the mining license holders or their authorized representatives.

  2. If you are facilitator or intermediary, verify that the people you have in front of you are the actual license holders or representatives of license holders. Family members and spouses are automatically representatives of license holders. Friends are not and require either written authorization, or phone call to the actual license holder to make sure of the facts.

  3. You should totally avoid mixing various people for one purpose. If you have 2 separate parties that wish to arrange business meeting with us, then arrange two appointments. Bringing separate parties to one business meeting is not appropriate.

  4. You should also avoid bringing too many people. Each party is sparing on expenses of the meeting that way. Further, only people with decision rights shall be present on meetings.

  5. Before a meeting, both parties shall exchange the information about the date, time, place of the meeting, the purpose of the meeting, names of people who are to arrive to meeting, and their positions in the company. Both parties shall be identified with full names, phone numbers, and names of their companies.

  6. Meeting is arranged at the specified date and time. If any of the parties is late for more than 15 minutes without communication of the reasons of being late, do not expect us to sit on the table and wait for you next few hours. In case you are late, you should show some good business manner and provide for lunch in a good restaurant. Often a meeting is prepared for days in advance, and that single day is a valuable day. Don’t be late.

    If you say that meeting is at 14 o'clock, then don’t expect us to arrive at 12 o'clock once you come earlier. Be accurate to what is arranged previously.

  7. During the meeting, we may agree on certain subjects of the conversation. If you don’t want to agree on anything, don’t pretend on the meeting to have agreed upon it. Speak when there is time to speak, or we may get wrong impression and due to a character of a person not being able to express well during the meeting and their mind changes afterwars, we may simply give up in doing business with that party.

    We appreciate when agreements made on the meeting and during meetings are aligned with the actions to be done after the meeting. If you don’t agree, don’t say you do. Keep your word.

  8. Avoid false representations. “We have licenses” – is the statement, that we wish to hear when that is a fact. If you don’t have licenses, don’t claim you have it. If you represent somebody, you must be able to say who do you represent, why and how. Hiding facts, and not being transparent is not making a good image of your business or a company.

  9. On the end of the meeting, actions will be agreed by both parties. If all is good, actions shall be conducted timely as agreed. We may require you to send us additional information, or we may ask for the Preliminary Site Assessment and Inspection on your licensed mining sites. Whatever is the case, stick to what you have agreed, otherwise we both loose the opportunities. Loosing time is loss of the opportunities.

  10. Be ready that each meeting may be recorded by using written statements, or audio-recording devices. We take agreements made verbally during a meeting very seriously and wish to stick to it for future. For this reason we may record all statements made during the meeting.

  11. Always have your due diligence ready. Your company documents, your ID, your information, presentation, videos about your business, make it ready during the meeting.

  12. You may receive the confirmation of the meeting next day, to confirm what happened the previous day.

There is nothing so difficult in making business meetings. Good behavior is good behavior, and just as it applies in private life, it applies in the business the same.

We invite you for business meetings with our company GOLDIVANTI LP.


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