German 419 scammer in Bangkok - Busted

German 419 scammer in Bangkok - Busted

German member of Thai 419 Joker Broker ring busted - Gunther Rosinus was arrested in Wat Bang Plee Nai (Luang Por Toa) by Lt Colonel Viharn Seangmukda, he was residing behind the temple with Smai Somchan who Gunther claims is a fellow Joker Broker trying to sell thousands of tonnes of gold on behalf of the Thai Government. Gunther lists all the members of the Thai Joker Broker gang and draws a chart mapping out the member’s positions in Thailand’s fake Gold Committee and the criminal mandates and joker brokers in the chain for Colonels Suwat and Chanatchai after General Surachai Homcheunchom ordered an investigation into Thailand’s joker broker fraud gangs that are destroying people’s lives and seriously damaging Thailand’s reputation. Normally these scammers are known as “419 Yahoo Boys” but an undercover agent from Nigeria described Gunther as a “419 Yahoo Grandfather”. The Technology Crime Suppression Division’s top cops now have enough information to hunt the other members of this evil gang that has brought a negative image to Thailand and her traders. Gunther explained how Smai Somchan acted as a proud Thai who liked to threaten targets saying things like “I know where you live - I am coming to shoot you with my gun”. He would also threaten and insult the families of his targets as part of his Thai Scamming operation that he runs from behind Luang Por Toa’s Wat Bang Plee Nai Temple. Due to scammer Smai’s violent threatening nature and abuse of the Thai government and institutions General Surapol decided that the gang must be studied and destroyed. Gunther claimed that his gang included police from immigration and other Thai government offices as well as retired police and army generals - none of these people were brave enough to come up against General Surapol’s cyber-crime-busters who specialize in dealing with dark influences. Some of the Joker Brokers in the gang are also part of the Graham Michael Shandiman gang and Gunther explained how some members were using fake International Bills of Exchange (IBOEs) from Kasikorn Bank to engage in Thai Gold deals and that the gold was kept in Thai army bunkers 80 meters underground. Victims of Joker broker gangs can report crimes that involve Internet communication to the Technology Crime Suppression Division in Government Complex on Cheang Wattana road. Victims of 419 scams have already seen stolen funds returned in full by 419 fraud gangs in Thailand. Note that in the high walled compound with windowless building where Gunther lived with Smai Somchan there is an Internet games cafe for young Thai children to play online games.–internet-cafe- GANG MEMBER LIST Mr Smai Somchan Mr. Thiti Kaewklindee (passport Number: M 863823 - Thailand) Mr. Stephen Foley Challenge Forest Management Trust (CFMT) Mr. John Cathcart Investors Corp BC, Canada Pedro Jimenez USA quotes FAM IBOE scams - Gold Scams - Commodity Fraud Yahoozee


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