Communication Security on Internet

Communication Security For Business Negotiations


Many businessmen don’t realize that Internet is not secure, and yet, they send so much of the important information over unsecure networks, including business secrets and sharing details which shall never com up on e-mail or unsecured Internet lines.

We are dealing with gold and diamonds. It cannot be stressed enough that such communication going over unsecure e-mail lines and often over social networks is subject to misuse.

Skype Security Sucks

Once back in time, Skype communication was secure and encrypted, and out of the government eyes. Today, just as it is shown in the news, Skype is sharing communication with authorities. But knowing personally, face to face, many members of such authorities, I cannot have enough confidence that my communication will not be misused. Corrupted “authorities” all over the world are using private businessman for their personal profits.

Even though Skype communication is encrypted between the users, since the Microsoft has bought Skype, they started cooperating with authorities. Skype is not any more secure line of communication, and we are considering removing it completely for business negotiations.

Think well about this, as many robberies happen due to the police or security officer being corrupted. If there is chance, it will happen sooner or later.

E-mail Security

If you are not sending encrypted e-mails, simply said, there is no security. E-mail will pass often several computers and networks, sometimes even 30 networks or more, until it arrives to destination. Each of those networks have number of stuff who are skilled enough to put the spying device or a simple network spying software which may either collect or read selected or all e-mails.

Social Networks Are No Good For Business Negotiations

Don’t move your business negotiation out of your control. Sending business information, negotiation, details over Social Networks, or their chat or e-mail services, is making you prone to attacks, and also to hidden or undercover government authorities.

The Only Alternative is Encryption

Internet was not designed with security of communication in mind. It is up to you to take responsibility of your privacy and understand that business negotiation and sensitive business communication shall be encrypted and saved for “face to face” meetings.

Enabling “face to face” through Internet, means that communication shall be visible only to the sender and receiver of such communication. It shall not be sent through unsecured Internet channels which is equivalent of yelling about your credit card number on the main street.

We use following encryption methods

We are using following tools for encryption of the communication:

All communication arriving from our clients is encrypted with one of the above methods.

We are urging our clients, not to put any sensitive information in their e-mails. Install on of the S/MIME certificates and learn using it. Your e-mail communication will become for the first time private.


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