Aurum Utalium or Aurum Utalum, the fake terminology in gold trade

Aurum Utalium - Aurum Utallum is Fake Terminology Used by Criminals

Aurum Utalium is fake terminology

Aurum Utalium is so often used by criminals who distribute the fake “gold offers” for 1,000 of kilograms, sometimes 5,000 kilograms and even in quantities such as 30,000 kilograms.

Gold is a chemical element with the atomic number 79 and its Latin equivalent is simply Aurum.

There is no such word in Latin, and there never was a Latin word for “Utalium”. Please verify it in any Latin dictionary online:

Because the terminology “Aurum Utalium” does not and cannot represent the true gold, the word was used in courts in some countries, to defend the criminal, as criminal never offered “Aurum” but “Aurum Utalium” which is the name of the fake and fraudulent yellow, shiny metal, that contained no gold inside. It was brass and alloy of several metals that none of them was a precious metal.

Fake and fraudulent gold dealers

The words “Aurum Utalium” or sometimes also incorrectly transmitted as “Aurum Utallum” and similar versions, have been used in numerous offers that are sent to us with the purpose to buy such fake and fraudulent gold.

A “dealer” of gold that uses “Aurum Utalium” is not a dealer. A licensed dealer is forbidden by laws to misrepresent the gold as precious metal, and every true and genuine dealer of gold knows that gold cannot be named “Aurum Utalium” but “Aurum”, and further, when using English language, there is no need to use the Latin language.

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