How to make pictures and videos

How to make pictures and videos

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1. Make only horizontal pictures and not vertical.

2. When making pictures, try to stop breathing and be very still.

3. Keep your elbows to your body to be more stable.

4. Always stand on two feet and keep your body stable.

5. First sharpen the picture on display, to get the green square, then shoot.

6. Do not carry the camera in hanging position in your hands, or on your neck, but keep it always in a safe bag. When walking, put the camera in the bag, that you have both hands free.

7. Do not keep camera's lenses open when not making photographs.

8. When making a photograph, try to capture the environment, and not only the subject.

9. Try not to cut peoples' heads and legs on photographs.

10. Do not use zoom.

11. If you are making one picture of the object, that does not show the relation to other objects, people, or houses, you should make another picture that is showing the relation to those other objects.

12. When making videos, do not go in both directions, but always move from right to left, or from left to right.

13. When making videos, be slow enough so that the audience may later grasp what was shown on the video.

14. Use highest quality of pictures and videos. Do not use any compression for pictures.


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