What are the best systematic methods to buying scrap gold for profit?

What are the best systematic methods to buying scrap gold for profit?

For example, should you buy on today’s spot price? Or should you calculate the avg. price throughout the week, etc. Also, do you got any helpful tips or advice? Thanks in advance!

As you are from Germany, then nest systematic manner to buy gold scrap in Germany and other EU countries is having good and cheap continuous advertising, being very fair to the customers, and paying one of highest prices, such as 96% in exchange for gold scrap being sent by insured courier packages. That is very safe and systematic method.

Many Germany shops for gold scrap buying are doing it that way.

That way, all what you do is you are assaying the gold being sent to you, and making money transactions to people’s bank account. Daily is possible to handle few kilograms and thus to earn good money on trade, something like US $1,000 or more daily.

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