Hallmarks for gold bars and acids for assaying of gold jewelry

Hallmarks for gold bars and acids for assaying of gold jewelry

These are hallmarks for gold bars with letters and numbers which we use in our secure purchasing procedure or for simple marking of gold bars.

The principle of these hallmarks stamps is simple. When we are buying gold, we will first melt it, then assay it completely, and mark it with our code, number, and record its dimensions and the image of the gold bar on the scale.

At that point, we may give back the gold bar to the seller until the cash has been paid out.

That is a security process so that none of the gold bars that we are melting may be exchanged.

The acids as shown on picture have been bought from Italy, and are used for jewelry assaying.

These acids are not recommended to assay any gold type that is not jewelry that already has its jewelry hallmarks.

Acids are calibrated only for certain karats, and not to verify the actual purity of gold bars.

Hallmarks for gold bars and acids for assaying of gold jewelry

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